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Still Longing for Yesterday...and... Is there going to be a shortage of MTX???

Still Longing for Yesterday...and...  Is there going to be a shortage of MTX???

Back from the big city! All things aside, it was a lovely day.

Went to MetroHealth Medical Center, Out-Patient Surgery building. Now that is impressive! Was taken in within minutes, had xrays of both hands, 3 views each. They put the pictures on a CD and gave it back to me to take up to the second floor Dr's office. He has a monitor on his desk, with my xrays already on it, so he could swivel it around so we could both view and talk.

I knew it would be bad, but what a mess! If anyones been told your knees are like bone on bone, no cartilage cushion, that is what my wrist looks like. He showed me several areas that should have space between them and didn't. As suspected, the ulnar bone had drifted down out of position which was blocking me from being able to turn my hand over, etc , etc, so much to do. bottom line, he has two answers depending on what I want to be able to do. I want to be able to write, legibly, hold my paint brushes, hold a fork and spoon and be able to turn my wrist enough to get a bite, and to continue gardening and digging in the dirt. After I told him all that, I asked him, did he have something that could allow me to be able to do those things.

He does. Rather than going to drastic measures and fusing the whole mess, which of course cannot be undone, he will remove all the bone pieces

that are out of place and threatening to sever ligaments and tendons. Gotta save those! Few other things he described, don't totally remember, but anyways, I guess that is what I will do. Recovery is 6-8 weeks, maybe less, with PT as it heals. Fusion recovery is more like 3-5 months. More like my spine surgeries, because the fusion has to have time to close and heal solidly.

What an impressive, intelligent and charming gentleman! He's the chief, about 60ish, slightly rotund and grey and balding. He said "I will do your surgery myself". Great, because, as this is a teaching hospital, he could have passed me off to one of the residents, who are the ones nearing the end of their 5 year training in surgical technique. He will likely have his fledglings assisting!

I have tremendous respect for surgeons, they have so much to learn beyond regular medical school and internships.

This will be outpatient surgery, get to go home the same day. Not general anesthesia, but a block from the shoulder down. Had that with the other hand surgeries, for carpal tunnel and two trigger finger releases.

Haven't talked to my sons yet, though probably will over the weekend. I will need to decide what I can wear at home for couple months that can be put on with one hand. Aanyways, it's approaching midnight, at which time I will turn into a carriage :)

\ Oh! One more item: Heard on the news tonight that there is threatening to be a shortage of Methotrexate soon. The story was covering the dilemma of a little boy being treated for leukemia, and he only has two more months to go to be in total remission, possibly cured. And what happens if cancer patients can't get their meds? Given, that is a life threatening situation, but when we think of the millions in each country being treated with a dilution of MTX, and what happens if that is the primary drug for many, well thought provoking. The FDA is saying they will consult other countries to see if supplies are limited. Well, that is scary enough! Good night to all US's and good day to those across the waves.

Hey I just thought of something!! If the beaches along the shores of the Ocean, all have waves coming in and the tide, in and out, does that leave a big hole somewhere out there in the middle? OK, I'm getting loopy, I'm outa here! Loret x

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Polly-Anna would certainly say you have been very lucky to have found such an excellent surgeon... although many would only concentrate on the "How did I get here?" type of approach. I wish you a speedy and good recovery - and thanks for sharing this.

As for the MTX - this is the 2nd time I have read something about this - kinda sucks too....


Thanks for the well-wishes, Sunny, I was very pleased to meet this surgeon. Great personality. He even checked out the handlebars on my walker, wrote a perscription to have them replaced with a racing bicycle type handle bars and raise them another inch or more, so that I will drive ewith my forearms, which I do now, but by raising them, I can stand up a lot straighter. Now how many surgeons do we know who would take the time and thought to make the walker better?. He doesn't want me to put any pressure on my wrists by holding onto the handle grips.

Couldn't help, as we were riding home, right into the snow squalls coming out of the West, that: "I wonder if he's married". Just thought he's the kind of guy, after a long day in surgery, he would like to come home to a good, home-cooked meal... Whew, such fantasy! L.xx


When do you have your surgery? I imagine I won't be too long. Wish you well with that. Your wrists do sound as if they're very are a very brave lady like lots of people on here! Scary thought of running short of MTX hope you and the little boy you mentioned manage to keep up supplies. Got to go start work now. Take care xxx


I have to call the surgical scheduling nurse on Tuesday, as she will have my finished chart by then, so she can give me a date and time, depending on what he has written he will do.

I just don't know what is going on with the MTX. They showed the assembly line in the produicers lab, and talked about they couldn't keep up with the demand as they were waiting for the generic chemical or whatever, which is slow in arriving. Sometimes, I suspect these companies do that so that when it is available freely again, they can raise the price. But MTX is not expensive! I just paid $8 for a vial that I will get 4 doses from. Who knows? Just keep eyes and ears aware..L.xx


Wow that sounds like a brilliant consultation Loret! I mean it's shocking to learn how far your wrists have deviated - along with all the ops you've had to have to date -but great news that there's something this doctor can do to alleviate you of some of the misery and enable you to do much more with them again. Well done. How's the toe?

Re the MTX shortage - why aren't the pharmacutical companies simply producing more of it in the States? Mine seems to come from a different supplier each time but the latest batch is from Kent in the UK - last lot from Finland I think. I've not heard of shortages over here but I hope your vast country doesn't persuade all of our little European ones to hand over theirs so we go short!

And what was the journey like? It seems to have inspired a lot of poetry from you re waves etc. Hope to learn that the toe is much better now too. TTx


Haha, I highly doubt the US will be allowed to drain all the European countries of MTX. The story was, they showed the assembly lines in the producer's lab, just saying they were slowed due to a lag of getting the base generic they make it from. They showed bottles of 50mgms, mine is 25mgm/ml, so actually the chemo patients aren't getting it as so much stronger than us, though they probably get more of it, I guess.

The thought I got from this documentary was the FDA wanted to find out if other countries are being held up in production for the same reason, or is the base chemical manufacturer doing this just in this country. They didn't name the chemical company, or know why they are behind in shipping the chemical needed.

It may very well amount to nothing further. Or, is it a political move? I do not trust Pharmaceutical companies in cahoots with the government, if that turns out to be the case. OOps, feel the soapbox under my feet!

I do so admire this surgeon, he is a unique individual, seems very talented, which is why my Rheumatologist referred me to him. I was so pleased that he said he would be happy to do this for me. He could have passed me off to one of his student-in-training residents. I'm sure they will be there, so he can show them how it's done!

My toes..that's a mystery. Still sore and puffy, but no pink area. I will be seeing the Rheumy on Weds, so he will likely send me over to xray, so we'll have the answer immediately. Considering I walked down alot of halls and in and out doors yesterday, it was still looking better. A fracture wouldn't let me do that!

The trip was scenic, always a thrill to go up over this big bridge, look down at the tops of trees, some factories and the railroad, and then look ahead and see all the tall buildings of downtown Cleveland. It was cloudy and grey as the snow was on its way, but on sunny days, the view is spectacular. The sun glinting off the gold steeple of the Terminal Tower, where passengers go to get on trains and buses, etc. Inside that building is a wonderland of variety shoppes.

We had lunch at a really charming little bistro, with real tablecloths! I had a baked Cod filet, greenbeans almondine and spinach soufle. And coffee! Wonderful coffee! We walked right past the display of desserts, including stacks of very rich looking chocolate and walnut bars. Oh gees! Cindy bought lunch, so I offered to atleast buy her one of those tantalizing gems, but she declined. So I didn't have one either :(

So that was the day. Cindy narrated their trip to Disneyworld, day by day, as she drove. They took their 3 teenagers over last weekend and 3 days of this week, really enjoyed them beyond the daily stresses at home.

Doug just has no full days off work, even weekends, as he sees all his own patients in the hospital, even if he doesn't have office hours on Sat.

Now, must get on with my day, have a few cups and bowls soaking in the kitchen sink to do, thinking of running them through the dishwasher. Will save handling them with my hand. Hope your weekend goes peacefully smooth and pleasant too. Love, Loretxx


Lovely loretta, ain't you a lucky girl to have such a nice surgeon. He sounds really lovely. My new surgeon is nice too and he is going to do my surgery. Its so frustrating that we have to go through all this agony just to be able to function.

Hope you had a lovely sleep.

Love sylvia.xx


He is a nice person. I am glad my Rheumy knew him and referred me to him. Will get the date and time on Tues.

\ When is your knee scheduled for? March something? I imagine mine will be in March also.

I have written so much above here, I can only invite you and others to read it. My fingers are getting sore and I have dishes to do yet, so I best get out of here! Want to make a pot of chili for the basketball game on tv today, at Ohio State. Will then put some in the freezer for when I have surgery. Won't be cutting and dicing celery and onions and garlic for awhile after! Hope you are having a nice, pleasant, trouble free weekend. Love, Loret xx


That bistro sounds amazing Loret! I can picture the whole trip much better now. Never been to the States - always hankering to visit New York and all the museums plus California where my cousin lives and Eugine Origon where the other cousin lives. Now I can add Ohio to the list - also got a thing about Arizona and the light there. One day when boys are grown up my hubby and I plan to dive all over the place in a huge camper van with Fred the dog between us and our names and "travelling embroidery artists" stitched on the side. By the time this happens I will of course be a perfect hourglass shape and be up for running up and down canyons etc...and of course everyone will be in awe of our wondrous artworks so we will be on way to install them at MOMA or some where stylish. Hmm well a girl's gotta have dreams eh?

Is this surgeon of yours attractive too I wonder? If so hmmm you could cultivate him nicely? Of course that is irrelevant compared to his surgical skills but sounds like they are proven. Your daughter-in-law is very lucky to have you as a mother-in-law. Wish I'd been as blessed with mine! TTxx


Afraid she got the raw end of the deal! She is always doing things and taking me someplace, so we get caught up on family news, but she won't let me do much for them,. I am making a pan of Chocolate Turtle brownies (contains caramel and nuts running throught them) for Valentine's Day, which is Tues.

I know I am blessed, but my son would not have settled for any other girl than this one!


Yes, the surgeon is charmingly attractive. Makes me want to invite him over for dinner, and dessert :)


Hey sure with your cooking standards and homely ways that would be a winner - but wait until after the wrist opp maybe?! TTx


hahah LOL! Yes, good idea, unless I can think of something to do single-handedly.

I did make Jello last night with one hand, just to practice. Very awkward!


Hi Loret

Good luck with your pending surgery - I hope all goes well.

Can you stock pile some mtx, just in case there is a shortagae for a while??

Take care Sci x


That would be hard to do, unless I skip a dose. If I call in for a refill on a perscription and it's too early to be filled, they won't fill it. Has to be within 30 days. No sooner. I suppose so people can't overdose on some drugs.


Hi Loret, I checked with our pharmacy as I had heard the same rumour - shortages of MTX. They have checked with the suppliers and there is no shortage anticipated. However this is UK so don't know what the situation is in USA.

Yes you are right, prescriptions for MTX are closely monitored so people don't accidentally take a dose when they shouldn't. Good luck with the operation.

LavendarLady x


Thanx for the research too.

We often feel the news media jumps all over a story and makes it appear more than it is, and perhaps this is the case. They have been accused of sensationalism more than a couple times :)

I wouldn't choose to be a news reporter for no amount of money. Way too much criticism!

I will find out when OR is on Tuesday, will post then.

I should start practicing typing with one hand, might need to do that for awhile!

How is the shoulder feeling since the injection??


Hi Loret, much better thanks - only the odd twinge now and then although my shoulder was very sore where the needle went in! And still is.

Yesterday my back muscles went into spasm (which they've done before) - very painful but only lasts a couple of days.

Love LL x


Yuk! Mine does that if I run the vac too vigorously, or mop the kitchen floor! I do have a good daytime muscle relaxant to take, but it usually settles if I lay flat, with knees over a big pillow.

You know, RA really is a waste of time!! Everytime I try to pace things, I feel like I'm wasting time, plus if I sit in one place too long, I see other things I want to do!


I've stopped looking! LL x


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