Out of my cave........again

Hello! Oh well moving on from crap appointment last week. Spoke to my diabetic doc as Rheumy had said Dupytrens would be made worse by diabetes. He roared with laughter and what idiot said that !! I nearly told him!

So wait and see what the hand guys say, .... now who the heck are" hand guys!" Sounds dodgy to me lol! Who are specialists in hands! Maybe there are even more specific specialists in fingers lol. So then will he refer me to feet guy, joint guy, eye guy next, lol.

And where are u all, it's oh so quiet?

When's the next porch party?

Hugs Axx

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  • Sorry A I don't do porch parties in Ohio or anywhere else - I get heat rashes in the heat and Raynauds in the cold so it's a non starter for me - but I'll have to do for now as no one else is around it seems.

    Isn't it bizarre when they start breaking us up into little specialist pieces? Mind you I love (seriously LOVE) my podiatrist who knows about eyes and hands and the rest and is the only person who ever explains my RA to me in a way that I can a) believe and b) understand. And Hazel the physio comes second to that only she wasn't the person who gave me fistful of lambswook for my chilblains and sensational insoles for my beleagured feet! She did give me some trendy black splints but as I no longer suffer in the wrist dept (famous last words!) she's down to second place for me. And he has lovely eyes and a winning smile too!

    In the place where we stayed in Tuscany about 15 months ago our landlord had us over with some friends for a drink. My OH was explaining to a friend about my RA when this man suddenly thrust his hand in front of me and asked me if this was RA and there was a huge lump in his palm - near his thumb I think. Our friend then shoved his own hand with quite a large scar out toward this man and said "that's Dupytrens Mate - you can get that sorted out with an op like I did!". I only remembered this the other day and thought I must tell you this story! Tilda x

  • Lol hoping to avoid the large scars in hands and feet but you know my luck lol xx

  • Hi A :-) its a joke a times...it's very scary at times that our health is left in these guys hands...gotta laugh....I spoke to the consultant secretary today who looks after my eye care...and she said I couldn't have any earlier appointment as they are so behind...with patients but if I get another eye ulcer go to eye emergency...I really wanted to try and avoid getting another ulcer to have medication now and bring my march app forward...as its my eyes i need more treatment now..I can go to my optician anytime who looks after me but I'm under a professor for my eye condition so i dont think its fare..but we are a number they are too busy..unless i pay this professor private and get seen too straight away...:( .sad really that so many health departments are in a big mess...we have to suffer...hope you ok sending you big hugs...Nicola xxxx

  • Ye ! Ask him for that fast pass.... My ass! Anyway I'm fighting it as best as poss ! Xxxxx

  • Good for you A...sending you hugs :-) xxx

  • Glad you are out of your cave and got a good laugh with your diabetes doc. I do wonder sometimes. I cannot repeat what my GP said about the 'specialists' hmmmm I am off to see a 'specialist cardiologist if I ever get the referral. Apparently there are specialists within specialties. Who knew??? Do you feel special like me? :)

  • Very " special" xx

  • hahaha

  • I did see a hand specialist when I had knuckles replaced and my dupytrens sorted. Apparently different orthopedic surgeons specialise in different bits of us :(

  • Ah right Sally, can I ask you some questions? D you have a lot of lumps. Do you have them in the webbing between your thumbs as well? Did you have injections or radiotherapy or ops, and at what stage do they start treatment , is it early or only when your fingers are curled? Do you have it on your feet?

    Hope you don't mind me asking, message back if you prefer?

  • Oh Allanah sounds like you are having a bad time. I am so sorry. Haven't been here for a little while and just seen your posts. I do hope things improve for you soon and they get some sort of medication regime to helpyou. x

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