Anyone had foot surgery and used a K9 walking aid afterwards?

There's a useful article on NRAS about foot surgery which suggests that the K9 walker could be used instead of crutches. It looks a MUCH better idea for those of us with hand arthritis.

Has anyone actually been offered this instead of crutches?

It costs about £283 but the website says not available to purchase anyway at present!

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You mean a walking frame with four wheels and hand brake and seat, That is what they gave me



My knees are so painful just looking at the pics makes me wince!


My husband used the K9 after he broke his ankle. He found it very useful and supportive (although I had to carry it up and down stairs for him!). Much easier than crutches. The hospital had one and he was immediately offered it. When he had finished with it it was returned to the hospital. They only had the one at the time but may have more now as it is so useful. LavendarLady x



I suffer from RA all joints hands and wrists are very bad a present I fell and broke my leg just before Christmas and they gave me a walking frame instead of crutches

It was brilliant you can borrow any aids you need even wheelchairs from the Red Cross

Hope this is helpful


We were offered a walking frame but it would not fit through our doors and my hubby found it very cumbersome. The K9 was much better as he could rest his knee and lower leg on it and scoot along. LavendarLady


im off to see doc for same thing good luck to you


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