Respiratory Meeting Today.Mattcass

Hi Guys, Big meeting in Edinburgh today and i'm sure they are going to put the transplant on hold again, It seems i got some lung space back from somewhere my last test two weeks ago showed improvement in my lug capacity and there's more to come i will lose two stone by May which will improve my mobility as well. Will keep you updated later this evening.Matt/Fran

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  • Good luck today my friend , hope you ears get well soon as well! see above xxxxxx

  • Well picked up I have rectified it.Matt

  • Hee Hee, is lugs English as well as Scottish. .! No seriously hope it's ok today xxxxxxx hugs

  • Hello Mattcass

    Good luck


  • Best of luck today for you Matt and give my regards to the lovely Fran as

  • Hi silvi, Thank You so much,Matt

  • Hi Matt, Hope it goes well today and that's great news about your lung capacity improving. How is the hydro going? All the best to you and Fran.

  • Sorry coming late to this Matt but well done for improvement in lung capacity and good luck with the additional weightloss you plan. Hope things went well for you today. Tilda

  • Hi Tilda, Yes everything went well thank you.Matt

  • Hi fran, Everything went well, Hydro is on hold till i get rid of this trapped nerve but it's great i get a row for trying to swim,Hee-Hee.Matt

  • What happened today Matt?

  • Hope all went well. Clemmie

  • Hi Clemmie, yes it did thank you.Matt

  • Sorry missed this yesterday hope everything went well

    Jen x

  • Hi Jen, THank You it did.Matt

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