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New sofa and chairs...any advice on heights and styles ?

We really need to replace our sofa and chairs as I can get down into them but struggle to get back up again which isn't ideal at all. We're searching for a new one that I will comfy in, will be practical for the family and that I can escape from more easily!

Does anyone know whether there are any guidelines or advice out there about RA and these things? Going to have to try a few this weekend as I think that'll be the best way to find out what I can and can't manage, please be a sale on!!

Just another alteration that needs to be made courtesy of RA :P

Thanks for your help, Jo.

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Hi Jo-welcome back to the site!!

I think like you said you need to have a feel of the sofa for yourself.

We had a new leather corner suite just last week, the main thing I went for was the height, and the seats are spring not just foam which I think helps with the comfort, haven't got a very big living room so we were restricted on what to buy

Go out and try a few if you feel up to it, it's the only way to find out.

Would be lovely just to have a seat just for you!! a nice recliner one! if you have the room. Ahhh that would be nice!

You have to think practical for the kids too, that's why I like leather you just wipe it clean.

Hope your keeping well, and the family too.

Lovely to see you on site.

take care

mand xx


Hi Mand, it's nice to be back although some of us seem to have disappeared which is a shame?? We only have a small living room too and over the years have acquired furniture from all over the place and I dream about having our choice of things one the mo we're just window shopping and trying out but have seen a nice sofa and chair but as it's in a catalogue we can't try it so I thought if I took the measurements and tried something similar in the shop then I would know if it would be any good. It's a bit cheeky but necessary as I don't want to make a mistake! Is leather ok, I was worried about it getting scratched by jeans and toys etc...?

The family are well, if tired being back to it again. Starting school fulltime is testing my son's reserves and mine but we'll get there!! Your boy did well in his exams, what has he gone on to do with all those a's and b's? xx


Hi Jo. I did much the same as what your thinking, we wanted a black leather corner unit and they were all quite expensive. Then we saw one on-line at furniture choice, took all the measurements etc, tried the dimensions out on something similar and then decided to order.

I would have loved a recliner, but we just haven't got the room.

Luke going to college now doing A levels, History, Economics and Business. It's what he wanted and we are quite happy to go along with that.

I certainly remember Luke's first day at school! doesn't seem like five minutes ago.

I have always found leather to be a good choice, not everyone's though, easy to wipe down spills etc.

Good luck with the window shopping the weekend!

Take care

mand xx


Hello Jo!

Sorry I won't be much help but we've been looking for a new sofa also, like you to make it easier getting up from, we did sort of find one, tried it, ticked all the boxes, the salesman was giving us the 'sell' was pillow backed but there was an option for cusion instead, because I could see what looked like an example behind the sofa, I asked if it was and his reply was...

''oh no, thats not the cushion back but it's another option for's much know hehe for the 'oldies' who struggle getting in and out of chairs''

My husband and I burst out laughing but decided not to share the joke :)

hehe, I'm going to go back in this week, swallow my pride and ask to try it out.

Good luck, and nice to see you again x


Yes, I always hold back from mentioning the RA in those situations and often cringe when they say stuff like that ;) I've been away a while but I'll be back in dribs and tired being back to school again and walking everyday is killing me but I keep telling myself it's good for me so when I can I'll pop on here. Hope you're all well at yours too? xx


thats made me laugh.. but hey so practical.. mine is luckily ok.. just as well as I cant afford a new one.. though saying that in the past I have found some great 2nd hand finds.. my main sofa.. large 2 setter is a laura ashley.. they dont do the exact style as it is no longer new and they do them in fabrics and leathers


Ha, ha, I'm ever practical, I blame my Dad for that trait :) It's one in a long list of things we've had to change and it's the big one! But sitting on it is getting ridiculous now and the kids aren't here during the day to help pull me out!! Help, I'm stuck!!


I had a new one a few months ago and the best thing I did was treat myself to a rise and recline chair there are many suites that have a matching one with them.

It makes it so much easier for me getting out off the chair and its so comfy when you want to lie back a little and relax, Ive even slept in it (before I got the stair lift) when I was having a real bad day and couldnt make the stairs.

If you struggle like me it would be a great idea to look for a rise and recline chair for yourself.

They even do them in leather too.

Take care and enjoy your shopping

Julie x


Thanks Julie, I had a look online at them last night, don't they look fab?! I might have a look in showroom to see if they've got something similar to try, worth asking about! Hope you're doing ok at the mo? xx


A new sofa is just not on the cards for our house at the moment but my grandparents have the recliner/help you stand ones and they are amazing. Would definitely give those a look out, they have black leather ones do brought a black leather sofa separatly from dfs so it was cheaper than a sofa from the adjustable chair people. I know they came will a great trial period So you can try them st home over a number of weeks. I can't remember the name of the company but just PM me and I will find out if you like.

Happy shopping

Take care

Marnie x


Hi Marnie, we've held out for such a long time to even consider getting a new one, what with the kids climbing and jumping on the old ones and spilling stuff we've just not bothered but it's getting desperate now :) Good idea about mixing and matching from different places, window shopping this weekend, it's sad to be excited about that it isn't it???!! p.s was it you that got the slendertone belt thingy, if yes, does it work? Hope you're well too, oh and belated happy birthday to you! xx


mine are two different ones one from ahf furniture stores.. v upright and the less upright but comfy laura ashley one..( they are at least both blue!)

I would have never considered going to laura ashley but it was half price and

comfy.. so much so every one wonts to sit on it.. I am short and can get up ok but it seems to suit my taller friends. also!

. I think so im told mixing and matching is fashionable??. well its nice to know im at last in fashion.. it is what ever is comfortable for you at the end of the day


Hi Jo.

I'll add my two penith worth;

we have just purchased a new sofa and chair after a year of saving up for them (always something else that is needed, and more important) I would go with leather too (I can confirm that mine have been tried and tested - to their limit- with my two boys and they are so much easier than material) Would suggest you try (normally have a sale on every three months or so, or John Lewis.

We got ours from J/L and it has been fab' the best bit is that they are so understanding of ones needs and offer a no hassle returns policy (obviously everyone is meant to, but in reality it's not hassle free) I've not had any problems with my new sofa and chair but my parents (who bought one about the same time) have exchanged theirs three times!!! with no hassle at all, no collection charges etc. So if you find you are not coping with the support your new purchase offers they will just change it. Sorry sound like an advert (I promise I have no connection with J/L - although I should be a major share holder for the amount of shopping I do there!)

Agree about being tired now the children are back at school, I had a lovely summer with my son and now I've got 'Mr I'm five and I've got attitude' back! Soon be October half term.

Mel :)


Hi Mel, think we'll be going for leather and are hoping to try some out this weekend...our tumble dryer just blew up so yes, I get the 'something else cropped up' scenario perfectly, it might just be window shopping but we'll see! Hope you're doing ok at the mo? xx


nice to hear from you mel xxx.. If I come into some money I will join the leather club too! its nice to know that J lewis? has such good customer service xx


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