How often is normal for a flare up?

From reading other posts I am like a lot of people , frustrated!!! I am just about to start on my 4th anti TNF (I failed on the first three) throughout the last three anti TNF'S topped up by methyl pred infusions I have been having flare ups every 7-10 days that last 3-4 days and mini flares every night . Is this normal or is it just a stage I am going through and will it improve? I don't see my rheumy for another three months but starting on Tocilimab on Wednesday. I am just about managing to hold down my job but if things don't improve soon I am not sure I will have it for much longer.

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  • dmc12, what is normal about ra, thats the 50$ question. What one person gets another won't. It sounds like you are suffering a lot and i wouldn't wait until you next see your rheumy. Give them a ring and tell them whats going on.


  • I am in the Same position, they have tried several drugs to get mine under control, I am now waiting to go back in to hospital again , I think they will introduce another Anti TNF . It's frustrating but don't suffer, do what Sylvi says and tell your rheumy dr or nurse. Good luck, take care x

  • Ive been on anti tnf for a long time. I find it helps the response if you can really rest after the infusion. Hope you do find one that works for you

  • Hi dmc12,

    Having tried embrel, leflunomide, toxilizumab, and currently abatacept, in the last two, I found your blog, really interesting. It has made me realise, eveytime I change drugs, I get flares, which then means I move onto another drug. It does seem like a vicious circle, and I am seriously , wondering if they are for me, way too many side- effects and not much benefit. I do hope, the toxilizumab, works for you, and actually I have spoken to quite a few who have done really well on it, I think I was just a bit old in the tooth. Lots of luck with your treatment.


  • Hi Jenny,

    Just wondering why you have not tried Humira adimulab? This worked for me.


  • Hi Gina, thanks for your suggestion, I am really struggling with biologics (abatacept.) I did very well on embrel, but I developed an infection in a hip replacement while on it, and that was that. Everything else since has been a bit of a disaster. I wonder if you know if you have to have the rheumatoid factor, for Humira, as I am only borderline, and it hasn't been suggested to me yet. I would appreciate any info, as I am at my hospital next Thursday. Thanks. Jennyx

  • I forgot to ask, also , is Humira an injection or infusion, unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to inject, because of infection fears. Jennyx

  • Hi I have had RA for over 22 years and still negative for rheumatoid factor. I have tried Humira and had it via infusion as a day patient. I was taken off it but have heard it works great for some people, good luck. Donna x

  • thanks Donna,

    sorry to have taken ages to reply, having loads of trouble signing in on my ipad, so back on the netbook!

    may I ask you why you were taken off Humira, cause I was taken off Toxcilizumab because of raised liver function bloods. did you have a bad reaction to it? I am having a lousy time on abatacept and want to change, but do not want to go onto long term cortisone, which has been a suggestion! al will be decided this Thurs. hope you are well, Jennyx

  • Thank you all your comments, it does seem strange that I am getting such regular flares which has only started since I started on anti TNF's andf the worst offender for me was infliximab! Still onwards and upwards and here's hoping for some dry weather and a hope that this next anti TNF does the trick. X

  • Just read the blog on the sky news about the new trial that is showing excellent resultss . Sure someone else post the should site on an earlier blog on our site. Good luck and keep trying for your best response to treatment. Carols

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