thank you

i'm 36.. :) and you guys made me smile. thank you so much for taking the time out of your special day to listen. im taking it slow and im about to go for a walk and ignore the voice in my head telling me to stay in bed watching tv. I am sorry that others have to suffer. I am at least thankful I know have people that "get it." bless all of my new friends in the fight. love u guys

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  • Oh, my heart aches for you, just 36 years old. Take care, you have new friends here now, hope we hear much more from you in the future. Hope you have a very good Christmas and not too much pain or exhaustion, Lynda xx

  • You will never be alone on this site. A merry Christmas to

  • Welcome to the site Achy ,hope you enjoyed your walk :)

    Take care and have a lovely xmas xx

  • Merry Christmas, hope you enjoyed your walk, I'm just going out for a walk along the beach whilst the suns shining x

  • A walk along the beach on xmas day sounds lovely!! Enjoy :) x

  • Sorry to just read your post , have dreaded rotavirus since Saturday . But welcome xxxxxA

  • Yikes doesn't,t sound good allanah, hope you feel better xx

  • Hi achybreaky I hope that you are having a pain free Christmas. Exercise is good for stretching those painful limbs. I hope you feel better soon.

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