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Blood test letter

Hello I hope you are all as well as can be:))) my question is have any one of you received a letter from your drs in the post saying your dr needs to speak to you about your recent blood test ? I had my recent blood test on Thursday 19th and the letter was dated 20th,a day after,I thought if anything was wrong with these tests the hospital would ring as this is what my nurse told now worrying as its Saturday and I can't ring till Monday morning !! Has any experienced this and I'm so worried somethings wrong.wishing you all a merry Christmas love michelle xxx

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Hi Michelle, I have not received a letter in the post but have received a phone call before from Gp reception requesting that the Gp would like to speak to me in relation to the tests. On making contact the reason was that one item of my bloods was low and they wanted the test completed again to see if it just a fluke or not. In the meantime I also contacted my nurse at the hospital and spoke to her and she told me to adjust my medication for a couple of weeks.

My advice would be to contact both on Monday to see what they have to say. Try not to worry too much over the weekend otherwise you will make yourself worse. I know easier said than done. Have a good christmas and I hope it turns out ok for you. xxx

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It can just mean that they didn't take it in the right sort of tubes, or didn't take enough, or mucked up the testing in some other way and need it to be done again. Or it could mean that something a little bit unusual showed up, and they want to see if it was a random blip or if its going to show up again. If it was urgent they would have phoned you, or phoned your GP to phone you. I'd just assume it was just something they wanted to check again, but not life threatening or serious.


Yes this is what I've had - by phone call. Not the best of times just before christmas


Heand llo

Yes this is common practice for your GP, It could be he has had a call from nurse or Specialist who did your bloods.

There must be something they want to check or it could be something regarding MXT or something like that

call first thing Monday.

Merry Christmas a healthy happy and prosperous New Year



I have quite often had a call from my doctor about my blood tests - sometimes she has asked warily if I'm feeling all right before asking me to have the blood tests repeated in a few days (or sometimes a week or so). The tests often don't seem to mirror how I'm feeling and just go back to "acceptable" - not quite the same as "normal"!

Don't worry too much - if it was REALLY urgent, someone would have been in touch before.

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Thankyou everyone who has taken the Time to reply,I do appreciate this thankyou so much.i will ring first thing tomorrow and let you know what has happened.merry Christmas to you all love michelle xxx


I'm sure you will have sorted this now and everything is ok from your point of view.

It reminded me of a little story! Last year, I was having very specific blood tests because I had started on MTX, I received a letter at the end of February, it said it had been dictated on Feb 12th, typed on the 21st and I received it on around the 28th. It had the word 'unfortunately' in it several times and basically told me my last blood sample was no good. It didn't tell me which blood sample but just asked me to have another blood test.

I guess that one of my samples had asked for an ESR and the blood hadn't reached the lab in time to do it.

It doesn't give you much faith in the system, does it? Why don't they just say what they mean, instead of causing the patient so much extra worry.


Hello thanks for replying,I had a repeat blood test this morning for raised alt levels and potassium levels,will get my results tomorrow .its a worry but at least they do read the blood test results lol,thankyou and I will let you know xx


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