Anuerin Bevan Health Authority (Gwent)

I am exposing the above health authority as uncaring money grabbing bullies for putting me (and others like me) with chronic disease through the most stressfull year of my life. After 28 years of continuity of care at a hospital in Cardiff (I live in Newport Gwent but there was no rheumatology in my area back then) with a brilliant rheumatologist and his team with whom I have built up confidence and trust over many years. I have been hounded relentlessly and am being forced to move my care and start over with a new Health Authority because they want to procure my funding. I have tried to fight them but they have ignored all my concerns. My RA is severe and I am awaiting spinal/neck surgery as I have a serious problem which has huge implications for my long term health. I am frightened that my long term health care/continuity will be affected. None of my records including x rays will be transferred; just an A4 sized letter after 28 years of care. All I can do now is make people aware that AB Health Authority puts money before patients health. Thanks for listening. Pat

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  • Not sure what you can do legally. I do know if they do force you to transfer due to finance, the hospital has a specific ' duty of care ' to supply all pertinent notes ( these can be in disc form ). Most hospitals now have ( PACS ) systems that records can be exchanged confidentially. Eg x rays, ct scans, mri scans.

    Have you considered contacting you local MP for their support on the legal issues of being forced to be moved due to financial reasons.

    Sorry but I cant give you more assistance, but I wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you. Often when tackling issues with huge establishments, it can feel like a lonely journey.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you so much Carol for replying it means a lot to be able to share how I feel about this with people who I know will understand m feeling. Thanks also for the practical info, it will certainly keep that in mind when it actually happens. I was in touch with my Welsh Assembly Member back in May who said he would help by writing to the CE. However, I never heard from him again.You're right it is a very lonely experience especially when no-one will listen to you. This has been going on now for a year and I am so exhausted with it all; I've never written so many letters in my life, which is not easy when you have bad hands. My next step is to go the ombudsman. I don't think it will help.....but I do not intend to go quietly and make it easy for them. Thanks again for the advice it means a lot

    Pat x

  • Aw Pat, i am so sorry you are going through this. The only positive I can think is that the next one might be good too xxxx

  • Thanks for your reply Allanah. You could be right it could be better. But my worry is what if it's not. My Rheumy is a hard act to follow and knows my disease really well. Thanks for your support - Pat x

  • I know I moved and was not impressed with this new Rheumy at all. But now he is the one that's picked up I have some rare form of RA and is taking it further, my other guy would just have gone along with his original diagnosis. So I sorta hoe it's more like that for you sweetie, but will look with interest and crossed fingers at the next posts! Xxxx

  • Glad you had a positive experience when you moved, I really hope I have the same....I'm not ready to give up just yet though and intend to really give them the round around before I go anywhere! Hope they discover more about your RA so they can treat it better. Take care Pat x

  • Hi, I'm so sorry to hear this...I thought I.d let you know I am going through a similar is with my wonderfulGP that I have built up such a good relationship over the last few weeks..when I went to see him last Saturday (I go every week as I have other health issues) told me he had received an email (no letter) to tell him he will be no longer needed as he is too expensive..I am distraught...all over bloody money..saw today he said he had being trying to speak to one of the top bods..spoke to one on Monday whe promised to phone him back on the Tuesday.......he never did...I align with lots of other patients have written in to explain our anger and the trauma it will bring having to start all over seems everything is about money...I am at sea now...he is one of the best doctors I've ever had the joy of being a patient with...I hope and pray for you that your new doctor is just as good but I know that is small compensence. I,ll keep my fingers crossed for you but it really is unacceptable. Wishing you well. Maryx

  • If your records aren't getting transferred automatically, then request a copy of everything yourself. You shouldn't have to pay more than about £50 for them (could be less). Then take your entire file along to the new doctors when you first see them and hand it over. If you can't afford that, ask PALS to intervene on your behalf and request it for you.

  • Good idea.....think I'll do just that....thanks. Who are PALS?

  • The equivalent to PALS in Wales is the Community Health Council.

    I have my care from Aneurin Bevan Health Board and see a good Rheumy consultant in Nevill Hall. Presumably you will have to go to Royal Gwent? Unfortunately the Hospitals in Cardiff come under a different Health Board, so you need "special need" to be seen there - i.e. that you cannot obtain the service you need in your Health Board area.

    Don't be too despondent, though, you may find that starting again with a new set-up allows a fresh look at your condition. I have moved several times, so I've seen about eight different consultants. I keep my own records so they move with me - but you can request a copy of your hospital records yourself.

  • Thanks for replying. I have been in touch with CHC already, but I didn't know I could obtain my records. I will not be going to RGH or St Woolos for that matter. I am currently doing research to find a good rheumatologist at Neville Hall. I have heard about a consultant called Dr he the one you're seeing? Pat

  • Hi Lilian, I have been seeing Dr Stuart Linton for the last 4 months, as my other Rheumy left, I first saw him privately as couldn't wait between NHS appointment. He is very nice, and even though I don't have a definite diagnoses, as my bloods are normal, he is treating me for inflammatory arthritis and I start methotrexate in the New Year. He is very approachable and listens to what you have to say, hope you are able to get to see him and I wish you all the very best with your search.

    I would definitely get your records copied and take with you. Good luck.


  • Hi Jan, many thanks for your reply....this site is so helpful and I'm glad I've shared my issue with everyone as the responses have made be feel less alone in this. Kind regards Pat

  • Yes, I see him. Although he always seems very busy, I take a list (he smiles) and go through everything I want to cover. He always discusses my treatment - not telling me what to do, although occasionally he does say "That's what I advise" when I'm being difficult about a decision.

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