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Another flipping problem!

Last night I had a nasty sudden onset of diarrhoea and vomiting. Lasted all evening it finally stopped about midnight. I picked up a cold last week and I am sure thats because of my return to work, everyone coughing and sneezing etc. Felt dreadful with that and this morning and all night my body is full of joint pain.

Has anyone else ever had a flare up caused by the dreaded vomiting bug?

I really do sound like a right misery on here but I promise usually I am quite upbeat. I cant go into work today because its work policy after D and V. And really worried now about job security money etc.

Victor Meldrew once said 'Just as you think things will never get any better, they actually get worse' ! I am with Victor................x

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Hi Hev53, carnt say this has happened to me before. sounds dreadful. hope you're soon well again. just keep drinking fluids and dry toast, biscuits etc.

kind regards



Hello I had a bug and my joints did feel awful but this settled after a few days. Hope you feel better soon it isn't nice x


Ye , when I have my medication I find I am so much more prone to catching illnesses particularly when I was working. I always got colds, d and v and it always affected my joints!

I started to become hand gel obsessive particularly before meals and am less prone to it all now.

Hope it all settled for you xxxx


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