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Hi All

Hope you are all well?

I've got that viral infection that seems to be going around. Gp had signed me of for 2 wks and I went back last Monday. I still have the tail end of the viral infection. ~Good news is that the gp recommended that I don't stop my meds (cimzia & mtx) & I have not flared so far, however I think the reason why I still have the infection is because it so slow to clear up, whilst I am still on the meds! Oh well I am hoping to fully be recovered sometime next wk.

Went out for works function last night, in fact I have been out 3 wkend in a row. Been sleeping on and of all day to recover from last night as I have done on the previous wkend to recover. This time last yr I was signed of from work and really poorly as I was not long diagnosed with RA. What a difference a year makes :)

My eldest son comes home shortly from Uni and I can't wait to see him. All the shopping is done, although we still have to pick up our M&S goodies on christmas eve. I however still have to wrap the pressies - a chore I am not looking forward to as its so boring wrapping.

Got the next two wks of from work - really happy about that.

Hope you are all well - enjoy the festive season

Joanne x

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Good for you Joanne, having everything done, it is great getting off work isn't it? Poor thing having the virus though but it hasn't put you off getting out and about. Happy Christmas Joanne and enjoy your time off.



I'm not letting the infection stop me, I am so excited about christmas and having all my family home here. I'm not going to over do it though.

Merry christmas to you & your family x


Have a lovely Christmas Joanne - what a long way we've both come in a year - you especially! Tilda xx


You to & thanks hun:D


Hi I have really had a bad day today, and am feeling really depressed after trying to get over the flu, I have also had a bad flare on my hand and wrist and the pain is really unbearable, I'm also having trouble typing, I haven't suffered with this sort of pain for a good few weeks since i have started the MTX and had my second steroid injection, Thank you for sending us this message it is just what i need to get though how i am feeling at the moment, Every year i have always been out with friends enjoying Christmas parties etc, But this year I've been unable to go anyway,I've also been out of work now for 5 months, I think things have just got on top of me today,... and am missing all them good times,.. but hearing your message, i have decided to give myself a good kick up the bum, and remember all the good positive messages i have had in the past from my good friends on this site, And that i could be you next year enjoying and coping a lot better with life with RA Love Shirley. Have a great Christmas xx


Sherley my love i know it seems so hard for you and i can tell you getting used to not earning is hard to do. I haven't worked now for 3yrs and i miss it still. Just remember that tomorrow is another day and say to yourselve that i won't let the bugger beat me. Love sylvi.xx


Hi Shirley

We all feel down when we flare! I hate it as I also feel miserable. I always flare when I have to stop meds, so I try not to stop them, even though it takes longer to recover.

You to will have your disease managed, then you too will feel better in yourself and will slowly resume your former life - remember to still pace yourself. Last new year I had a massive flare as i tried to do to, to much and did not listen to my body. I won't repeat that this year.

You will feel better eventually, so until then plenty of rest, pain relief & sleep when you need to, that's what I do.

Have a nice christmas, get well soon hun

Joanne xx


Joanne, Isn't it nice when your children all come home for christmas. My geoge came home at the begining of december and it was nice to see him even though he came home poorly. He had a very nasty throat infection on board ship and he was taken to the infirmary where they treated him with antibiotics,but he is suffering the after effects of that and strange as it may seem he has hardly gone out since he got home.

I wish you a vey merry christmas. Love


Hope your George get's well soon.

Jake is home and I am so happy to have all my "boys" in the house. This morning they were both play fighting - it was lovely how they just fall back into old habits as if Jake has not been away.

Wish you well hunny, take it easy over chrimbo

Joanne x


You too Joanne,and we shall look forward to christmas and new year.xx


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