Steroids did not react.Mattcass

Hi All this was the first time upping my steroids have not worked on my flare up, Thrs 3am woke up in agony all over could not walk could not do anything, This was without any warning and i persevered thinking it might go as quick as it came, i know I know!! well here we are 3days later even after stepping up my steroids to more than double no joy it's so bad i would welcome a lung infection this is up there with the big one, has this happened to anyone no warning or steroids relief, have a nice Sunday.

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  • No mate, generally steroids help me. Wish there was something I could do to ease the pain for you xx

  • Oh Matt have to say steroids have always worked for me. Very sorry to hear how bad you are. Maybe see if a steroid jab would help????? xxx

  • I had a steroid injection about 5 weeks ago (my first) and it did absolutely nothing and I am in so much pain so I understand how you feel although I can get around. I hope you feel a bit getter soon. Clemmie

  • Matt and Clemmie, I am thinking of you, but you both have to go back to the docs and push them as if the steroids aren't working then maybe the pain is due to a non inflammatory cause?

    I just got gabapentin, a neuro drug which makes your body not realise your pain is there, it blocks the pin transmission and it really seems o be helping me at the moment.

  • Hi A, I have a big consultation this Thursday with my Rheumy doc and a list bigger than my Tesco shopping, and we want answers if it's funding let me know and i will let Alec Salmond know and if he wants my referendum vote, Clemmie sorry to hear your in the same boat as me. Thank You both Matt

  • Let us know ASAP what he says ! Please xx

  • Hi A, Will do if i get a word in Frans going to.Ha-Ha Matt

  • Matt,i feel for you as though not as bad as you are i am also suffering.I have only recently come off steroids and god do i know it. I too am seeing my rheumy on the 18th of this month . so i am going to stay off them until then so she can see how i am without them.Matt sending you some cuddles from me.xxxx

    Allanah gapentan is that pregablin or not.Let me know please

  • Hi , mine just says Gabapentin 300 mg two three times per day, it's trade name is Neurontin xx

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