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We've moved & back xray results!!

Well we moved last Wednesday - we didn't get in until 4pm as some of the money down the chain got lost in the ether!!! Goodness knows how they can manage to do that!

I had a bit of a virus so didn't feel great bit it made me slow down.

We're beginning to get organised but are getting there although we've still got boxes everywhere - trying to work out where to put them.

I didn't take my full dose of MTX so have been a bit sore.

I've also received my back xray results - I'd already been told that it didn't show inflammatory arthritis but...............

the xray report said that there is a lot of deterioration of the bones in the lumbar area with narrowing of spaces.

It also suggests that I may have osteoporosis - so not a great report - now got to find out what that means for the future. Bit scary really!

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Wish you many happy years in your new home. Sorry to hear about your x-ray results and that you have osteoporosis,but they can treat it and as they have picked it up early,so the outcome looks good.xxxx


I wish you many years of enjoying your new home. Boxes will take awhile, but it's such a great feeling when the last one is sorted and emptied!

I surely can relate to your concern about your back xrays. It becomes a conservation issue. Would be good to review it all with your Rheumy. The deterioration may be slowed by a Biologic. Osteoporosis is treatable by drugs again, including Vitamin C, D and supplimental Calcium. Avoid bending and lifting those boxes! That would strain those vertebrae. But most of all, discuss the whole issue with your Rheumy. Best of good luck, soon!


Hope you be very happy in your new home. Well done for accomplishing so much when you are not feeling great. As everyone says don't overdo it. I am sorry you are having problems with your back but hopefully you will get the appropriate treatment soon x


Best wishes in your new home, please don't do too much and suffer afterwards. Hope everything gets sorted with your back.x


Hi Pauline.

I wish you loads of lovely times in your new home. Such an upheaval and yet you sound so upbeat. You superwoman you!.

I do hope you get some help about your back and some good physio to keep those joints moving. Best of luck. Judy


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