Good result from seeing rheumatologist this afternoon

Well, that was a good consult, I will soon be starting on etanacept, lets hope it works better than the enbrel. Was told that some of may pain is due to having a big fibro flare up at the same time. To tide me over until I get the injections, I was asked if I would like a steroid jab..... no prizes for guessing my reply lol

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  • Yeah hay! result! Did he look at your carefully constructed evidence , or did u just beg ! Lol

    I am so glad it went well and you can start the meds soon , well done x

  • Think it wS more the cry baby , felt a fool, lol. Will take a few weeks to arrange :))

  • What lovely's Heartning to hear. Maryx

  • Ar you sure you got the name correct, only enbrel is the brand name for entrecept.

  • Oh flip trust me to get it wrong, in that case it will be the one that is a simlar name lol

  • Fabulous news well done you x

  • Great to hear they are trying you on another anti-TNF, lets hope this one really workd for you. Yep a steroid jab is always good.....I'm living on Pred tabs until the New Year and am hoping Enbrel will be "the one" for me.

    Such good news to pleased for you. xx :)

  • Thank you Luthian. Just waiting for the steroid to kick in. At least you have the pills, which I find tobe really good. Hope enbrel willgive you the result you need

    Pam xxx

  • That's good news, hope you don't have too long to wait to get started x

  • Very good news. Hope you get on all right with it. xx

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