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Hi all

I had flu jab a few weeks back as I have had a weakend immune system since birth. I went to an outside adventure park with my grandkids hubby and daughter on saturday but as I was in my wheelchair I was numb with cold but didnt want to riin their gun. Monday I stated with headache and now I am bedridden with chills hot sweats sore throat chest and feeling sick my back n hip are really bad as im immobile now and have oa of spine and fibro. Anyone else had this horribe virus

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No i haven't ,but i hope you soon feel better..Ring your drs if you don't get any better soon. Hugs from me.xxxx


You poor thing, that sounds awful. As the others have suggested, might be worth ringing your doctor as you have so many ongoing things which make anything else so much worse. I hope you start to pick up quickly.

Dotty xxx


Hello BOB here

Like you I had my flu jab about 6 weeks ago, One week later I was suffering from a nasty virus that I had picked up. I t went on for a week, then seemed to settle then next day it was back with a vengance, it lasted for a further 4 days,I still have the cough. This I have heard has been normal this year.

The jab is supposed to be dead virus that will not infect, sometimes I wonder?/

If your immune system is low and many on this site will also suffer from immune system problems after DMARDS .

We can wonder if we will get some infection at sometime after the jab

If worried ask too see the doctor, will possibly put your mind at rest

All the best



Thanks Bob

Gp has sorted prescription for antibiotics and anti sickness meds

Its not like me to be off work let alone stay in bed but feel drained. Thanks for letting me know was starting to worry it was beginning of pneumonia as had that a few times x


There are lots of other bugs going around - it may not be connected at all to the flu jab. Hope you feel better soon.


Don't forget that the flu jab will only give some extra immunity against the selection of flu viruses that are around in other parts of the world currently. It's always a bit of a guess which ones will actually be going around for the northern hemishpere this winter.

And it won't give you any help against the large number of other bacteria and viruses that are around at this time of year. My only defence is my age - I've come across most things already!


Thanks oldtimer

Had meningitis pleurisy and pneumonia thoiught I had been there done that but here we go again. Bring it on I'll sweat this begger out


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