Cimzia injection site reaction

Hello , I've just had my 2nd loading dose of Cimzia and this time the 2 injections went in my tummy ..I have woken up to the sites being red and puffy and about the the size of 2 50p pieces is this normal? Last time the loading doses went into my legs and this reaction didn't happen, has anybody else experienced this ? Thanks Claire

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  • Hi Claire, as Scouser has said I was warned this is quite a common reaction although I haven'y experienced it myself...I've had a couple of times where the site went a little firm but after a few hours went down. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about call your nurse as Scouser suggested just to put your mind at rest.

    Good luck xx

  • Hello BOB here

    This will go soon give it some time


  • Hope things settle down quickly for you.

    I found that it works best for me in the tummy. When I used the thigh I got a bit of a reaction and response was much poorer. I cycle quite a bit and there's little spare skin there! ! I think it was ending up in the muscle rather than under the skin. After discussion with my consultant I stick to the tummy.

    You need to go through a few cycles to see how your body reacts to different injection sites and discuss with your rheumy team.

    Finally I sincerely hope that Cimzia is going to work for you and that you can cope with any reactions.

  • Ah thanks everybody rhumi nurse rang me back and said as you have it is quite common and has suggested I put a cream on the area that you would use for bites/stings.

    Yes I guess with more practice I'll become and expert jabber :) ...thankyou for your kind wishes will keep you updated C x

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