For those on Prednisolone - poem

For those on Prednisolone - poem

For those on Prednisolone

I've a question for all those on Pred,

how to cope with the craving for bread?

Are you like me

sitting on the settee

as you watch the TV,

with a plateful of sandwiches

there on your knee?

And then of course there is pizza,

cheese and onion, tomato, Chorizo.

it isn't a crime

whenever you dine

just take your time

with a crispy side salad

with flavours sublime.

But sometimes it's crisps that I need,

my desire for those carbs I will feed.

I should have pineapple,

orange or apple

as I get to grapple,

with weight I have gained

my efforts are really quite laughable!!

11 Replies

  • :)

  • Love it x

  • So true 😄 x

  • So true! This poem really cheered me up this morning. Thanks!

  • Thank you, it is soooo true, I only have to look at a ham sandwich and I gain lbs... :-)

  • :-)

  • Lol with me it was sweets I would crave. Which is good as I am wheat intolerant. Thanks for sharing your super poem x

  • You've no idea how long I just spent looking at them sandwiches :-)

  • hahaha, sorry Paulywoo. did you go and make yourself a plateful?

  • Oh believe me I was tempted. Have been back to look at them a few times today x

  • spot on :D

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