Painkillers and what they do

I went to see a brain dr, he didn't do any tests on my head and didn't look up my Dementia scans, he tested my reflexes and they were ok and then says it's your pain killers that you have been taking for years, he said your between a rock and a hard place, that was that. My previous visit to the Walton centre in Liverpool, and the doctor did his examination and says it is Arteritis, big difference lol. No wonder I get confused lol.


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  • Wow thats that's a difference. It would confuse me x

  • Exactly lol, I'll have to get a second opinion.

  • And a third or fourth if its dementia lol x

  • Wouldn't surprise me lol.

  • I have the Dementia and this on top lol

  • 😂😂😂

  • He could really have explained more. The unfortunate fact is that pain killers in long term use do cause cognitive and bodily changes. Here's some information:


  • Ty, but what can anyone do to change it. Keep on keeping on

  • Absolutely, I've had these pains in my left temple for about 40 years and at first it was only now and then and it hurt like hell and the about 6 months ago it was so hard that I'd fall to my knees and it was every ten minutes or there abouts, it's not an actual head ache but it is lol, it goes from left temple around the back of my head and stop at my right temple, I have sore hips sore arms and shoulders. But what the hey, if I take painkillers they do bad to me and if I don't take them I ache also lol.


  • He was Chinese Dr and unfortunately I had to keep saying that I'm struggling to understand him, I have Dementia and sometimes the words go in but the words don't mean anything to me and that's another reason I'm now in a flat by myself lol, confusion and not hearing words all became too much for us and I'm now in sheltered accommodation, I love it but it gets very very lonely lol but quiet lol.

  • Well, keep chatting and you will less alone Philip! Genuinely sorry that things feel so up and down ; can't be easy?

    Chin up


  • Thank you

  • Hi Philip, I'm sorry that you are struggling with all of this. It sounds really hard to me. I presume sheltered accommodation means something like assisted living here in the US? My mother in was in assisted living too, and thought she would hate it, but it turned out she loved it. They took wonderful care of her, did everything for her, and she made new friends all the time.

  • Hi carry, yes unfortunately it's very hard to live with at the moment but I have to keep smiling because if I don't I don't think I'd still be around and my reason for living is my beautiful little daughter. She has been to see me today along with her mum, unfortunately things got out of hand at home so we agreed that I would move made it simpler, I've been here 9 months and I love lol, no arguments anymore, so less stress. My wife still cares for me as my carer and we are now separated. With my Dementia getting worse and harder to live with lol, I do go to 2 Dementia support groups headed by our local NHS, with me being early on-set Vascular Dementia I get to go to an extra one lol, it's a chance to meet other going through the same thing although it effects us all in different ways BUT what I do hate is seeing my friends disappearing in front of me, very upsetting to see, there are people from all walks of life rich super rich and then there's me, lol brassic broke and no money lol, I'm just glad we have NHS to look after us.

  • Sweet man - just remember to get out of your chair and your room and go make friends - participate in the activities and you will be a lot happier.

    Bless you and your wonderful family. Even if separated, it is great that they know where you are and come to see you...

    Gentle hugs.. sweet smiles

  • The place were I live are all 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1bathroom and a living room, there is a good bunch of us here we do have a day room if we want to use, water and if we need something doing there's a few people who can sort it lol. There are 2 flats per house and our own front door.

    Look after yourself.


  • So you really are between the rock and the hard place...☹️

  • Sadly yes.

  • But you still have your great sense of humour!

  • Lol ty

  • Hi Philip,

    So the doctor originally said you had artertis which is where the arteries in the neck become inflamed, this can cause major confusion and present as dementia. He probably gave some treatment for this and maybe now your at the start of dementia, if this is the case then you can be given some medication for this. Donzepenzil or aricept are a couple of meds that can be effective at the onset of dementia but they need to be started sooner rather than later. Go and see you GP and ask them to explain it all to you and ask for it in writing if this helps you remember. I can see from your posts that you clearly do remember because you've replied to them, so if you have dementia it is probably early stages. And unfortunately there isn't much anyone can do but you can prepare for what you would like for yourself in regards to care when you get to the stage that you can no longer manage on your own.

  • What do you mean if I have Dementia? Yes I do have Dementia and I have had two scans. I think your getting confused.

    My gp isn't called Dr Dick, the American ball tosses..

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