Hi my left wrist has come up like a ballon so painful making myself a cup of Earl Grey and dropped cup it just fell out of my hand, so I'm i

Tears. I think I need to go back on meds also here comes the flu symptoms! So a bit fed up....hot water bottles needed but need someone to help me do them I.ll have to smile sweetly at the men I house share with...oh this rotten unpredictable complaint. Maryx

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  • You poor thing, its no fun is it when you drop everything you touch and i think i think of a few swear words i use when it happens to me. I too like earl grey tea, so your in good company. Sending you a hug.xxx

  • Thank you truly fed up now.maryx

  • I sympathise. My left wrist started yesterday, was agonising over night so got very little sleep and unable to use my hand and wrist today as too swollen and painful. I find running it under the cold water tap helps and I have also taken 400mg of Nurofen and 1000 mg of Paracetemol + Enbrel today which has helped. I also sobbed this morning with the pain and still a bit weepy now.

    In my case, it may be because I have been taken off MTX for the last 2 weeks so something was going to flare in the not too distant future.

    It is easier now but still painful - at least I can straighten the hand which I couldn't do earlier on neither could I hold anything or grip so the right hand has done a lot of extra work today.

    Hope you will feel better in a day or so. I usually find the swelling, pain and inflammation does begin to go down within 42/72 hours. Do try the cold water soak - I find it works better than heat which only increases the inflammation I find.

    LavendarLady x

  • Thank you..I'm sorry you were crying to..sometimes I find it so hard to cope. I have been off infliximub since July and MTX for the last month so it's starting now!!! Ive got CT scan next week and the token blood test so hopefully I will be put back on soon...even my elbows aren't starting now.

    I have something that's called Bio Freeze which sometimes helps and I've taken my tramadol (although that doesn't seem to do a lot lately).

    It's par for the course really isn't it...I hope you improve soon and fins some respite...do you know even typing this out is hurting my right elbow and shoulder...let's hope I have a good dream tonight. Maryx

  • You poor love. Like Lavendarlady i to find cold works better then hot for me to.Also voltarol rub into effected area find this helps to xxx

  • Thank you...I think the biggie is on the way but luckily at my doctors tomorrow so he will help. Maryx

  • Thank you. I'm really hurting...I hate this..I send you a smile. Maryx

  • Sending you cyber-hugs and smiles, I hope that you get some rest tonight and your lovely gp is able to help tomorrow.

    Cece x

  • Thank you honey...it's my knees now and I feel so cold so sounds like flare is on the way...only got tonight to get through and my wonderful doctor will help me tomorrow. I now appreciate what the meds do...fingers crossed I'm put back on them next week...thank you so much for your kindness, you all have become my friends. Maryx

  • I hate it all too,

    I am sorry for you Mary. Sending you lots of love, Karin x

  • Thank you...I'm in bed now going from bad to worse...got the bowl near my bed as feeling really sick too..just st truly fed up...got the fan on my face as I'm drenched but so cold I've got hot water bottles on my legs...sorry I am moaning arnt I but when these times come they completely knock me over as I'm sure most of you all experience. Thank you for your support. Maryx

  • We've all been there, but that doesn't help at all! Hope you can get a reasonable night's sleep,and that the doc comes up with the goods tom. Take care. x

  • Thank you...yes we have all been there haven't we.....had a terrible night but slightly better this morning. I hope your Saturday proves ok. Maryx

  • Hang in there Mary x

  • Thank you...after a terrible night...slightly better this morning. Hope you are faring ok. Maryx

  • Hey, sorry I am late on your blog, got my eye check and really couldn't see a thing yesterday, I hope you are ok this morning and stay in bed and keep warm ! Xx

  • Hi, sorry to trouble you. I don't seem to receiving the blog blog we get every morning. Does that mean I've been black listed. Maryx

  • Another technical hitch I fear , I haven't been getting one either, unless we r both on the blacklist lol x

  • Hello allanah...oooohhh horrible!!!! I've had that done...those drops are not the most pleasant of things are they.. I had high pressure behind my eyes once so they drilled (Lazard) holes in my eyes....the lady said to me and my friend (he was holding my hand whilst wearing a lead kind of thing) you will smell burning but don't worry it's not your eyes! !!!!!!!! I hope your eyes are ok today.

    I had a terrible night but slightly better today..left hand still pretty useless but going to see my lovely doctor so hopefully he will help me. I can't go back on meds until I've had this CT scan next week and the camera into my Tum....I think they are worrying because I have a Barrett's and as I'm vomiting a lot they are going mad doing everything....but every cloud has a silver lining I've lost a stone in the last three weeks. Maryx

  • When's ur tests this week? Good luck for them xx

  • Oh Mary sorry you are hurting so much you poor thing ...sending hugs x

  • Thank you. I AMA little better today...still. very tired maryx

  • I have struggled with my rightwrist for a number of years and I know all too well how horrendous the pain can be. I agree sometimes letting the cold water run on it can ease it a little but sometimes heat seems to be the answer. I found using wheatbags was far easier to use than a hot water bottle, just pop it in the microwave for couple of minutes and then you can wrap it round you hand.

    Sometimes the pain was so bad, I was seriously thinking about asking them to amputate it, but it seems to have settled down now, the rheumy said she thinks it has burned itself out. I hope and pray you get come relief soon xx.

  • Thank you sorry it's taken me a long time to reply but I've been unwell today...but I do thank you...I am going to try the water bean bag...my mum uses one on her neck. Thank you again for support. Maryx

  • I have severe RA , Fibro, Sjordens , OA , spinal stenosis , etc etc, I know I am not the only person on here with more than one complaint and I agree with all the advice you have been given.

    but I wanted to let you know that your not alone.....can you see the occupational health team to supply you with aids and gadgets to help around the house!?

    Also it sounds like you could do with some splints to wear in the day and some resting splints in the night time.

    If you need any more advice I am happy if you in box me ... Feel better soon x

  • Him thank you for your reply...it's good to have friends on this site,,. I seem to be going from bad to worse at the moment. I'm considering just injecting myself with the MTX and start my own ...treatment again. They are wating for results Fromm blood tests and CT scan, which I just have going to get on my bed now with hot water bottles.

    Thank you for I forming me about "things". I shall def try as soon as I'm out of this terrible pain don't quite know what do do with myself. Maryx

  • So sorry about the pain your in, but the splints help so much and relieve the pain by immobilising hand and wrist.

    Please ask for some splints from your dr.

    Alternatively you can purchase your own on amazon.

    Feel better soon

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