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Gallstones Gone YAYYYYYyyyyyyyy!

Hello all.....I'm back after a while away, Having had my Gallbladder removed, along with two very large stones (which i have in a pot on the mantle piece !!!)...feeling a hundred times better although still sore and stiff....

I have been reading some posts some of the time, and have felt well entertained by some of your exploits especially "Strictly!!"

Thank You for being there.....


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Wendy i am glad your on the mend.xxxx


Hi Wendy

Great news, you'll feel so much better. Did you have keyhole surgery?

I had mine out in 1990 by keyhole, it transformed my life, mine were more like silt so although they gave them to me for my mantlepiece, they weren't that interesting to look at so I binned them!!

Hope you're being pampered during your recovery

Glad you've been enjoying Strictly :-)



I had two good-sized stones, so asked the surgeon for them. He was also my boss at the time so..remember tha rock tumbler that you could put a rock in and let it tumble until it got shiney? Well, I told him I would polish them and have cuff-links made..hahaha, never got that far, but he got a big kick out of the idea :)


Pleased your on the mend should have mind removed waited five hours ish to be told not todayxxx


Tell me about it x


Happened to me 5 times for my spinal surgery last year, it was soul destroying. Hope u get another date soon x


Thanks x


Great news, get rid of the stiffness and you'll be ready for anything lol,

Great news



Thanks to you all for your kind words!!...Yes I do feel a whole lot better...tho keep nodding off everytime i sit down!!!....


Cant wait for strictly tomorrow!!!

Miss I really hope you get your op soon- i was a bit worried on Monday ( wot with the rough weather)...but I was lucky eventually....fingers crossed for you...x

Ronnie-yes i did have key hole surgery.....tho apparently it was touch n go as the stones were so large!!!..I didnt ask the surgeon for them he just said they were big and interesting...look yukkie to me !!!

Best Wishes to you all



I had mine done in. 1980! A great big scar in those days , wish they had keyhole then !


Well Dexy, are we noticing yet another RA coincidence, how many have had their gall bladders out as well as being premature, what was the other one a couple of weeks a go you spotted?



I did Lancet but I was young , the phrase for gall bladder is fat forty with flatulance is the normal gall bladder type. , I was slim. 19 and smelled sweetly lol! Which one r u Wendy, lol, won't make u laugh to much or it will hurt lol xx


I thought it was fair, fat and forty.........

I was 27, brunette, recently slim having lost 5.5 stones, underactive thyroid and PCOS, so very healthy really LoL xx


Another coincidence Lancet, I have PCOS too , ooh spooky , x


So we think that RA is caused , in our totally unscientific theory by prematurity, gall bladder surgery and PCOS lol :) let's get straight in the lab now


What u think

Wendy ?


I was tested for PCOS several times. I had all the symptoms but never got a firm diagnosis. Hmmm..story of my life that lol (No firm diagnosis!)


Lol u r docs should make up their minds lol x


Yep, me too, in 1968! Age 29. Maybe the coincidence is in auto-immune diseases, inflammations, etc

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I forgot to say that a few weeks after I had mine done I received a survey to complete. The reason for this was that they were surveying the first 100 keyhole procedures they'd done nationally to remove gall bladders, I was number 10!

I asked the consultant when I went back for the post op review what sort of training they received, he said they practiced on chickens as they have a similar anatomy and oranges because they're like human skin, s'pose that's why cellulite is described as orange peel:-)


Npow Wendy, I'm hoping your recovery goes amoothly and you are back in action very soon. Well, action as far asyou know it!

Be sure to mark your calander for the next Tea Party, on Nov. 29 at your 3pm. More notice later :)


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