I've been on HCQ for four months now and it has kicked in finally. Ironically, just as I was congratulating myself on being able to go back to the gym and get fit I've developed a verruca (now doubt picked up from the gym), between my toes rather than on the sole of my foot. It's very sore and is making walking uncomfortable. I've been using gaffa tape as recommended online, but that's rubbing against my other toe, making things even more uncomfortable. I read somewhere that they can appear in people whose immune systems are low, and as we all know, that's what RA drugs tend to result in. Is there anybody who has suffered the same thing; or does anybody have any tips on how to get rid of the awful things? Thanks

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  • I'm pleased the waiting for HCQ to kick in has been worth it Glynis. I've never had one so forgive me if you are but are you sure it's a verruca? I only ask as I had a troublesome corn on the inside between my little & next toe before & shortly after being diagnosed caused by my swollen foot not fitting properly in my footwear before I discovered Fly Flots. It eventually went by wearing more a more comfortable fit & by treating it myself but it was quite painful at the time.

    Hope you're well otherwise?

  • Hi Paula,

    Thanks for getting back to me. No, I'm not sure it's a verruca but I looked them up on line and it looked the same. In fact, it's between my little toe and the next toe as well, so now I'm thinking that it may be a corn. My footwear is pretty good so I'm not sure it's that; but I would be very interested to know how you treated it. Can you give me any tips? Perhaps I can stop covering it up with gaffa tape in that case, which would be a relief. Also, a relief to think that maybe it isn't a verruca, as they seem to appear on the sole of the feet rather than between the toes. Thanks

  • I used to have Carnation corn caps posted out to me if I didn't have any & nobody was coming out to see us when I ran out! It was when I was living in Spain & could only get Scholl ones over there, I tried but couldn't get on with them. I used to get a corn on the outside of my little toes through wearing wrong fitting shoes (though I would never have admitted that at the time lol!) & they worked for those so I used them when the one on the inside appeared. It's never returned but I've worn better fitting shoes ever since so it probably won't now!

    If your shoes aren't tight it might be worth having your GP take a look at it just to have it confirmed one way or the other. x

  • Thanks very much for that. I think I'll make an appt with the GP and have a look online at what corns look like in the meantime. How are you incidentally?

  • I think that's best. H's problems overriding mine just now so actually not too sure! I don't seem to be reacting adversely to the latest increase in MTX so that'll something I don't need to worry about. A little hair loss but as my levels have reduced I'm fine with that. Need to tell my feet & in particular my ankles though, they're still swollen. Started tapering gabapentin so hopefully memory will return & weight will be lost, I've never weighed so much, in fact it was commented on when I had my DEXA scan a fortnight ago! I've always been fortunate in that I could eat what I liked so it's been shocking. Thanks for asking....but you did't say how you are! x

  • Oh the joys of RA... and this weather doesn't help does it? I live in the south west so we have all the rotten weather from the Atlantic. We haven't had a summer here and now the damp weather is making my aches and pains reappear. I really need to move to a hotter climate, but don't see it ever happening. Well, pleased to know that you're not any worse in any event and that things seem to be stable at least. Although I'm not on MTX anymore, as you know, my hair is still receding at the temples - I'm not sure if it's the drugs or just a natural consequence of getting older. I guess we'll keep trucking on and hope to keep things at bay. Hopefully, you'll lose a bit of weight soon and feel a bit better in yourself. It doesn't help on top of everything else does it? I had a very sore coccyx last year and although it seemed to be easing a month or so back, it is back with a vengeance for some reason and just adds to the misery. Still, I'm better than I was earlier in the year, so I'll stop moaning. Dreading the winter though. Does your H have RA as well?

  • No, thankfully. But he did have a heart op last February & all but one of the wires they closed his sternum with have failed so he's in a lot of pain. It was only when he let out an expletive at his cardio rehab things started to move in the right direction as his GP & a Registrar said it's just things mending. Though to be fair to the Registrar he did ask his Cardio Consultant, not that he came in from the office next door to see him before he recommended a two part scan, waste of NHS money that was. No, the rehab nurses & physios fast tracked an appointment with his Heart Surgeon, who sent him for an x-ray whilst he saw the next patient & compared it with his 6 week post op one & it was apparent what had happened straight away. Only happens to 2-3% we were told, trust him to be in this group!

    I know what you mean, we've not had it much better in the north west & the warm damp we've been having is nadging at my joints but we plod on don't we? I hope your coccyx pain eases, have you mentioned it to your Rheumy?

  • What very bad luck for your husband. I hope that they can sort things out for him. I felt a bit like that when I reacted badly to MTX - trust me to be in the small group of people who couldn't take it. I think the coccyx thing is an ongoing problem as it has been bugging me now for nearly two years; another thing I'll have to learn to live with I'm afraid

    I'm going to make an appt with my GP today about the corn (which I now believe it is - thanks for that). I'll let you know. Seems rather small fry compared with what your husband is suffering. Really puts things into perspective doesn't it? Thanks again for your help Paula. Take care xx

  • Don't want to overly concern you Glynis but do up have any signs of OA? I have lumbar spondylosis, OA in lower back. Only thinking unless it's been attributed to something else do mention it to your Rheumy, possible you're pain relief could be adjusted.

    Thank you for your kind words. It's all relative though, when it's happening to you personally it is a big deal & the corn between toes thing (& on the base of your feet like I have) is pretty uncomfortable! Hope your GP is helpful. P x

  • Hi, I had an MRI of my lower back region at the end last year and they could find "nothing remarkable". I also saw an osteopath, who put it down to bad sitting posture. He gave me a steroid injection in my coccyx last September and that eased the actual pain in that area; but I've been left with a general soreness, like inflammation - hence the MRI. I use a coccyx cushion for sitting now. Whenever I've seen my consultant he thinks it's unrelated to my RA and has never mentioned OA so I guess I'm alright there. I also had some physio and I do various exercises, but they don't seem to make much difference. But thanks for mentioning OA as a possibility. I think I'm due to see the consultant in a few months as a follow up on the HCQ so will mention it again to him. My father mentioned that my grandmother had coccyx problems so it may be hereditary. Just my luck. My mother turned 80 last week and there's not a thing wrong with her. I obviously take after my father's side of the family. Take care x

  • We're the coccyx problems ever officially diagnosed, sorry to harp on about it but going back that far possibly it's unlikely... I just want you to know then it can be treated/medicated accordingly rather than being left as coccyx pain. It is not unheard of for Rheumys to dismiss OA pain so possibly ask outright? Your steroid injection working would indicate inflammation so perhaps ask if your NSAID &/or pain relief could be reviewed. Concerned about being a nag now so off to make a coffee! x :P

  • Hi thanks Paula. I might bring it up with the GP on Thursday when I see her about my corn. I don't have any contact with my Rheumy, who was always very brusque and unhelpful, so I steer clear. I had to come of my NSAID (meloxicam) early this year because I had acid reflux problems. Now, I take a tramadol when I need to for general RA pain and a couple of ibuprofen occasionally at night if I'm sore or aching. I really appreciate your input so don't be concerned about being too intrusive. You obviously know your stuff and you've been very helpful. I'll let you know how I get on at the GP on Thursday if you don't mind being kept in the loop - like you, I don't want to hassle you. Thanks again x

  • Oh yes, do let me know, pm me if you prefer. It's not the best place to be not having a good relationship with you Rheumy. Maybe ask your GP if you could be referred to another? Your choice obviously but worth thinking about. Speak soon. P x

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