Well thought I had broke my elbow on Thursday to be told no its an infected joint ....lovely

They let me out today only to call me back In as it was important I start back on IV antibiotics ASAP ......only to leave me sitting 5 hours and still no sign of antibiotics....I'm a tad fed up and could easily leave now!!! My elbow is tons better no swelling and I even drove today in my little bit of freedom!!! The specialist better not bang on about ow important IV s are after this joke

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  • Hoping you have them by now??, was wondering were you admitted over night?? the care isnt as good then?, x

  • Yes I escaped for allow an hour before I got the phone call to return lol got IV finally at 437 am

  • oh no that is terrible. I hope you had a good book and something to drink, maybe not alcoholic tho! it is the pits waiting for them to find someone to sign the bit of paper that approves your meds grrrr

  • Thanx yes finally at 437 am they decided to IV me lol and now I'm getting out tomorrow they wanted to keep me a week more but I have to go see pink floyd tomorrow night lol

  • Oh I am so jealous pink Floyd

  • How awful for you !! hope by now you are getting the treatment you need..

    Take care x

  • Thanx

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