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Do You Want to See Photo's of My Dogs.MATTCASS

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For the last 4 years I have let my workplace be used by the Strathclyde Dog Unit and All the Local Prison Services to train their dogs, Watching these dogs work is an experience I even participate in hiding the various objects they are trained in finding Drugs, Arms, Money, Explosives, Mob Phones, even flares that are taken into football games, From Spaniels the size of hairdryer's to Alsatians as tall as me, I made a point of photographing every dog and giving it to their handlers one of my most popular was making calendars, I cannot wait to get back to work even for that reason alone Fran even knows the names of some of the dogs, I get an average 20txs several phone calls and cards each week, over the next few days, I you don't mind I will pick out some of the best for you to see on my facebook if that's ok.Matt

10 Replies
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I'll say this quietly & don't tell anyone. I've never been on face book & I don't know how. Would love to see the dogs tho x

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mattcass in reply to Caza

Hi Caza If I can find a way to put them on H/U I will do so, matt

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I'm on f/book Matt so if you message me your full name and i will befriend you.I would love to see you photos.xxxx

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mattcass in reply to sylvi

Hi sylvi, I will give you my real name, mattcass is my stage name when am up for the Oscars or hiding from debt collectors, my name on facebook is Matt Strachan from Edinburgh d.o.b. 4th aug 1951, Maatt

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Put a link up for us all matt and then we can see. And all the extra friends you'll have lol

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Cool would love to see your pictures.....I'm on fb too...did a search for you but couldn't find you....I'll have another look.

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That would be great to see the dogs.

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would be nice to see your dogs... so was the drugs bust on you a set up???!!

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As a dog lover, would love to see them. These working dogs are so good at what they do, be it drug sniffing, assistance dogs or whatever. If anyone also wants to see assistance dogs working, go onto Canine Partners website. It is inspiring. LavendarLady

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Love seeing dogs strutting there stuff. It seems to me the dogs love doing itxx

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