Goodbye Andy.....sad to see you go

NRAS has decided to exclude Andy from the forum. As I have understood, putting it simply, too much posting on the Paddisson diet which has of some reason, offended a fraction of the 15,400 forum followers.These offended have come with rude respect less replies to Andy's very correct an enthusiastic posts about the positive effects of this diet. NRAS have however not seen justified to restrict the activity of these members who with their rude remarks have in fact made a fruitful discussion around Andy's experience impossible and poisoned the whole atmosphere around the discussion on diets. I am sure there is an abundance of us on the forum that are eager to follow new research and hear about alternatives and modifications of the one-size-fits all med treatments that are offered to us.

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  • Hi Simba,

    How do you know that Andy has been banned?

    I enjoyed reading his posts.

  • I have conntact with him outside the forum and have with a heavy heart followed this unfortunate sequence of events.☹️

  • So Emma's reply was only part of the story?

  • He did start one of his posts with he'd been asked not to post so maybe this is one reason Matilda?

  • Hi anything that helps with this disease is a godsend and if we didn't want to read the posts we wouldn't, very sad state of affairs

  • This is very sad...thanks for letting us know, the same thing happened to Kai as well, not sure if you remember? He was treated appallingly and lost everything but it's good to see he's back posting on here now. I'm too very interested in my diet to help condition and sad to read the minority are spoiling it for those of us that it interests.

  • I'm not sure it was the same thing, not our admin team's doing anyway 3LB, not according to this post which included a copy of an email to HU admin

  • Ahhh ok, still very sad that they both left though!

  • Has Kai left? Just seen a reply below so guess not.

  • No, not sure if you've seen his post below? I'm not getting into a debate about this and this is my last comment about it, think those who were around at the time know what happened...but maybe it wasnt exactly the same sort of was a while ago!! But Kai was understandably very upset about it, Nice to see Kai posting again though😊 I

  • Replying to another member doesn't constitute a debate, that suggests we can't be civil to one another. I'm sure Kai or the admin team will put us straight if we're wrong but I understood it was an HU fault, that the posts were considered spam, I think I remember correctly they were written either just before or at the weekend. Anyway, it's irrelevant, things seem fine now.

  • I never read his posts simply because I think the Paddison diet or programme is rubbish, but that does not mean he should be stopped from posting as it's his and he is perfectly entitled to his viewpoint. And others may want to hear about his experiences.

    So I'm surprised, if he has been banned, that it's down to just about that. As with all forms of social media there will always be some who agree and some who don't.

    Perhaps the moderator could clarify the situation please, without divulging personal information.

  • I too felt his posts were rubbish and Kai's as well medway-lady. I felt if it worked the drs would put us on it. I didn't read them when they came up.xxxx

  • Exactly Sylvi, you didn't like the posts so you chose not to read them.....your choice 😊 It doesn't necessarily mean that someone has to get posts removed just because they don't like. Right enough said 🀐

  • Havent tried the paddison diet but asked my rheumatologist about it he said "the reason why we don't recommend diets are because people dont stick to them, its easier to take a tablet".

  • I really think the input of a moderator is needed at this point to stop this onesided abusive posting.

  • Apologies. πŸ™

    Confused. 😳 πŸ€”


    Just skimmed andyswarbs NRAS posts/ replies from several days ago:


    I'm not grasping/ understanding what the issue is. πŸ™ƒ 😳

    I can't see πŸ‘€ anything anyone would take umbrage to. πŸ€”

    Am I blind? 😎



    Why β€” all of a sudden β€” has andyswarbs 'gone poof'?, Beverley-NRAS , EmmaS-NRAS ?

    (Makes no sense to me.)


    [ andyswarbs experience has proved invaluable to me, as well as others ( ).]

    To lose a calm, sound, well-reasoned voice of dietary/ lifestyle (& med) β€” without explanation β€” seems odd, as well as being a d@mned crying shame. πŸ˜” 😞

    Any clarifications/ explanations, Beverely-NRAS, Emma-NRAS? πŸ€” πŸ™

    Thank you kindly for any insights you can share. πŸ™


  • Additionally, is the NRAS forum actually a place where those of us implementing diet/ lifestyle approaches (in addition to our meds) are truly welcome to share our experiences amongst ourselves?

    [Perhaps there's a bit more 'harsh reality' to this tedious blathering ( Anyone on the "Paddison Program Forum"?: ) than I (or others) imagined. 😳 😯 😧 πŸ˜” 😞 ]


  • My understanding was we were allowed to speak/ share from our experience according to this Ailsa Bosworth, NRAS CEO, note from post 'Bit of an assault?! ':

    . . . This forum is not a place to promote any specific products, dietary or otherwise, but a safe space for people to talk about their experiences and gain mutual support. Diet can play a part in easing or exacerbating RA symptoms but what works or doesn't work for one, cannot be generalised over a whole RA population. . . .


    I believe andyswarbs was kindly/ generously sharing his personal experience & not 'promoting' his approach β€” the approach he followed.

    (Perhaps that interpretation is "in the eye πŸ‘ of the beholder"? πŸ€” )

    Has that now changed? 😳 πŸ€”


    I took Andy's 'talking about' πŸ—£πŸ’¬ the approach he used as just that β€” "talking about" πŸ—£πŸ’¬ the approach he used (that worked for him) β€” no more, no less . . .


  • This forum is not a place to promote any specific products, dietary or otherwise

  • Well said darling i wholly agree with you.xxxxx

  • My understanding is this forum is supposed to be:

    " . . . a safe space for people to TALK ABOUT their experiences and gain mutual support."


    I don't grasp how we can "talk about" πŸ—£πŸ’¬ what we are doing, if uttering the 'name of the thing' we are doing is 'frowned upon'? 😳 πŸ™ƒ

    Should we just use the name 'Marklar' ( ) and 'be done with it' β€” so no one thinks we're 'promoting' anything? πŸ€”

    Or perhaps 'semaphore' would be acceptable, as in this example:


    Wishing one & all a fine 'Marklar' 🚩🏳🏴 day . . . πŸ™ 😌


    πŸ™ πŸ€ 🌺 🌞


  • It's how it was talked about & how those not following were reprimanded He was closed to suggestions of options & opinions, was scathing in response & that isn't in the voice of a calm, sound or well-reasoned person, purely in my opinion.

  • Apologies should have said some of your comments not all!

  • Freedom of speech should be protected, politically in GB we have given a platform to the likes of the odious Nick Griffin from the BNP! Whatever your view by allowing people a voice gives everyone the opportunity to debate, reflect and come to their own conclusions. Censorship to my mind is not a positive step forward.

  • Other people have been banned, usually for serious reasons like discrimination. However I've noticed that a common link is perhaps being a little over emphatic in posts & replies. We all come from different backgrounds, etc etc, so we do have to be temperate and recognise that what seem inoffensive words to one person can be very inflammatory to others. Andy was not renowned for his delicacy of expression at times....

    It's a shame as lifestyle issues are as important as drugs, so needs discussing.

  • Is it just me, or are some people maybe mis remembering some of Andys posts? My understanding is this action was not about andi posting positive information about diets in general and I would agree with all who state that people who feel they have something positive to say in this area, should be able to share this freely . However, on a personal level ( wouldn't dream of speaking for more than myself ), my experience of andys post was that they could be deliberately judgemental in regards to those who did not wish to try A particular diet and imply that said people who tried and chose them to return to medication had "failed". I found that no matter his intention, his comments felt immflamatory and provocative. I didn't experience many of his posts as positive, encouraging but sometimes, judgemental, negative and I wondered about the impact of such messages on more vulnerable people or people anxiously just beginning their journey to recovery?

    But like is say, these are but my feelings on the matter.......

  • I do think some members tend to be selective in what they remember Marie, that's for sure. I was certainly party to an ugly side of him & didn't appreciate it & no I didn't report him if anyone's wondering! So I agree with you & am sure the admin team have done what they have with good reason, though some will disagree, neither do I think they need to explain their reasons.

  • I am afraid I agree with Eiram. I think some of the posts from certain people have been quite close to the bone in terms of being directly offensive. That said, I have learned to shut off my brain to the offensive side and I have learned about healthy eating and how this can help my autoimmune problems. Talking about diet is really important. Pushing the Paddison Programme down our throats is the stuff that goes close to the bone.

  • Your right darling,but i just tend to bypass these post as i find there are too many of them banging on about diets,if they were that good we would all be on them. If they work for that person then well done to them,but i tend to find diets don't last and people fall on the bandwagon and i know what i am talking about as i have tried many diets in an effort to lose weight and once the weight has gone i tend to fall by the wayside every time. xxxx

  • I hear what you're saying about diets, in general, and agree. I think any faddy diet is just asking for trouble. I think we have to change our mindset before we change our eating habits. I find very restrictive diets a nightmare because I start craving the "banned" foods even more. I'm trying to find a happy balance right now, I've piled on weight and I know it's bad for my joints. Sorry, veered off topic there!

  • I know when I'm being manipulated and stopped following the diet thread having considered once again what is right for me at this stage of my life. I'm not taking any more risks. NRAS set up this forum and in my opinion have every right to protect users from what I understand is a covert marketing operation. Although I respect anyone's right to express an opinion it should be done with sensitivity and respect. I consider 15 posts/links in one day (from one user) to be undue pressure however well intended. I joined this forum hoping to understand more about the challenges we all face, not to be deluged with 'propoganda'. Of course I could have chosen not to read the posts (that's what I did) but my point is that the Paddison people already have their own forum so what's their motivation for the info we're bring bombarded with here? Rhetorical question folks. Bored with this now....

  • I agree with everything you have said Witness2.xxxx

  • I agree with Witness2. I know these illnesses can make you feel really desperate- but to then start castigating others for being 'weak' for not wanting to follow yet another 'miracle cure' just gets very tedious very quickly.

  • I too have been subject to put downs for expressing my view by those pushing the Paddison program and stopped reading their posts. I stopped following this group for a while due to the barrage of lengthy posts full of references and quotes on this topic. For me this site has been a valuable source of support, information, and humour. I don't come on here to be bombarded or subjected to attempts to convert me to a particular way of thinking or managing my RA, dietary, drug related or alternative lifestyle. I will listen to any ones views and suggestions but realistically bombarding folk just puts them off further interactions. The multiple links leads to HU systems thinking it spam and blocking the source. I for one am not complaining about this protection.

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