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:-( what ever next

Been to hospital to see orthopeadics bout a long on going impingement prob in my shoulder. Had a few injections which havn't worked so,,, he explained about surgery.

They can't guarentee it will work plus it could make it worse! I said if i dont try i will never know. So i sighned the form to have opp. I was sent to esibook suit, the nurse there asked me a few questions then she done my blood pressure. Well it was that high she said i couldnt go on the list, gave me a letter for my gp.

I have an appointment tomorrow. I am so fed up it seems one thing after another fed up of the pain :-( . Xx Alison

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Hi Alison I'm sorry you are in so much pain this alone is enough to raise your BP I know you signed the papers for the operation and nearer the time your BP will go up again, Your GP has to get you in right frame of mind for this either giving you something to relax you or making you as pain free as possible. Hope it all goes well, Matt


Perhaps Gp could sort blood pressure with medication then op will go ahead ,, so dont give up xx


Thanks everyone for your kind words. XxAlison


Hi Alison, I am right there behind you! Last April I was scheduled for shoulder repair for rotator cuff, went through the whole nine yards of pre-op workup, Cardiogram, Stress test, Chest xrays, MRI of shoulder..all set to go on Monday. By the Friday before, the surgeon's words were nagging at me, that he couldn't guarantee it would be any bit better than it is now. I knew there would be Physical Therapy after also. Sooo, before 3pm that day, I called the surgery doc's office and said I wanted to cancel it until September.

Well I had Spring and Summer to go through, and was feeling over the top physically and knew I would be having visitors from Colorado, Pa and Kentucky. I just didn't want to spend this summer rehabbing! It has worked out fine and I will get re-evaluated in Mid September, after I have a cataract surgery Sept. 3, and I am presently being fitted for dental work.

As for reassurance...I have met so many people in the Arthritis support group that have had shoulder surgeries, one even a replacement, all happy and successful with results.

Probabilities are, you will too. And now we near the end of Summer, so this is a very nice time to recover, atleast the weather won't be snowing and blowing!!

The most important thing is to be devoted to Physical Therapy exercises.

All the best, it will go smoothly:)

Loret xx


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