Hi everyone, do you know of a new infusion drug that is being trailed

I went on monday to see consultant who said although my mxt is working it is not enough and he is going to put me forward for a new drug trail which is an infusion once a month, you dont come off MTX but they can hopefully reduce the dose of it, but I cant remember the name, I also have my CT scan this tuesday hopefully they get to the bottomofmy memory issues.

And to make things even more of a nightmare myhusband was taken in hospital wednesday with a skin infection and wont be out for a while dont know if I am coming or going.

Michelle x

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Hi Michelle

Mo I don't. Am in a similar position to you but don't see the consultant until 18 Sept, I'll ask about it though

Sorry to hear about you husband, no wonder things are up on the air for you, hope he comes out soon

Take care

Ronnie x


If you're in London there is a trial of the new BIP drug going on at Kings & Guys hospital. But it may not be a trial of a new drug, but a new piece of research into one of the existing biologic drugs. So could be a trial of a different approach to using an existing drug - ie using it a different dose or in a different combination. Or even a trial that is just looking at a different aspect of something that's used already - so maybe looking at how the quickly the drugs work in people of different ages.

Your consultant might have suggested that he put you forward for this trial as it can be a way to get given the biologic drugs if you wouldn't qualify for them by the normal assessment method. They are very expensive and normally you are only allowed them if you have very active RA or have tried at least 3 of the other drugs and they haven't worked. And even then it can take 6 months or so to get assessed. But if you are accepted onto a trial you get them straight away without assessment.

So most likely it's one of the standard biologic drugs. NRAS have a good booklet about them if you look on their website. Pollly

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Thanks I will be looking to this


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