DAS h it!!

Just been to Rheumy, who's growing on me every visit! Last week I though, yeah I am so much better, managed ,all be it with help , to go to glasto, holiday etc with three one monthly steroids. But last couple of days ouch! But hardly any swelling?

Luckily my review was today, dragged myself there, and my DAS was back highish again at 6.5. Doh!

So bless him after a long discussion of him saying we maybe need to change the biological, we and I mean we, came up with, another steroid jab today to give the Humira a bit of time to work , I do feel a bit better on the Humira than other biologicals really.

He thinks it's the steroids that are helping though so has written in the plan that if I call anytime , they will change the biological....again!

So he made me an appointment for six months, laughing , and said , bet I see u in six weeks lol.

Had a sleep and now joining the manic Mads ( hope u feeling better Mads) group, and hoping I feel much better in a couple of days. Ps don't want sympathy lol, it was to show u how good joint consultations can be !! Hugs Axx

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  • Why not sympathy you dish it out enough times, but, if not why not have empathy instead, which is my preference. Speaking to people who know what it's like, you don't have to say much as they already know, and nod in agreement as I did when reading your post. Hope they kick in soon. xxx

  • Lovely reply Georje, I will have lots of empathy then, thanks xx

  • Sorry to hear your not feeling so good. Hope them steroids kick in very soon!!As Georje says your always there when we need good advise and help. xxx

  • Cheers me dear xx

  • Your very welcome x

  • Really hope the steroid helps!!! And glad you had a good appointment!

  • Thanks xxx

  • Hope steroids work soon x

  • thats so muchx

  • Is that why I didn't see you competing at the world athletics championships? Your on the steroids again?? ;-)

  • ye i was in the sumo wrestling final! glad they didnt do the steroid test!! lol , you have been quiet, hows things?

  • Lol, u know hes nice trouble, how's life dtech?

  • Not too bad. Famous last words tho! Feel awful over last couple of days as I've got one of those 'colds' that won't come out. Which has set off my RA. So home feeling sorry for myself at the mo.

  • Hey DTech...you have been spending too much time with Scouser x

  • And they are the best bugs to get x

  • I think it may be a computer virus then if I got it off scouser!

  • U guys are funny! But I am unfortunately really bad today, so I bed being entertained by your replies xxxx

  • Hi alanah Hope you feel better soon, If you competed in athletics and tested for drugs you would be banned for 100 years for Steroid Abuse. Matt

  • I know!! But hopefully tomorrow I can start to move again!! R u any better today?

  • Yes thank you pain free from my RA just now, I have a rash thinking this was one of the side effect for Hdroxy but GP informed me I have shingles very painful.Matt

  • Oh no! I had shingles from my first steroid drip, but I hope you got the antiviral s if u r allowed, they made mine heal more quickly. Can't believe though u substituted one pain for another. Well hoping things settle down for you very soon and you get a nice period of wellness xxxxxxx

  • Isn't it great when you get a good rheumy and things work.It just goes to show what co-operation can achieve. Hugs Allanah and yes some hugs as well, lots of them.xxxx

  • Hi Allanah, that sounded like a good appointment.

    Hope things start to get better for you.

    Mary x

  • Hiya, annoyingly they were till this. That's RA isn't it, so many ups and downs xxxx thanks xx

  • Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  • Mwahxx

  • Well you know I'm on board with everyone on the good ship Sympathy whenever you want some - but do turn that rock n roll down or I may not hear you calling! X

  • Poor baby.....I know what it's like when you have to get bio's changed......I've been on four now.....this latest one abatacept seems to be doing the trick though. I'm not pain free as I was on others but it has given ma a lot more energy and I can stand up straight and open my hands.....so I'm not complaining.....you will find the one for you. And don't be worrying about running out of them......my rheumy assured me that there are plenty of new drugs coming online all the time. So keep the faith girl and just plod on till you find the right one......XXXXX

  • good to hear still having a bad day, normally i would be feeling better by now!! oh well!

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