Pampering Day

Pampering Day

Sarah my next door neighbour, gave me a voucher for our local beauty salon way back in May. This was a thank you for looking after her lovely young labrador Holly which I do two days a week. (Berry's girlfriend - he wishes!). Yesterday I had booked a facial and reflexology and went along to enjoy it. The facial was fantastic, a peel, collagen mask, massage, etc and a massage of my head and neck whilst the mask was on. Then serum and face cream. Skin felt absolutely fabulous, hydrated etc. (I have very dry skin and it was particularly bad). So have booked another one in a month's time and the beautician gave me some of the products to try. Have used them this morning - the serum and the face cream and skin feels gorgeous. The collagen mask she recommended I use 2/3 times a week and leave it on all night. The reflexology uncovered various aches and pains and the therapist also got the lymph moving which has been very sluggish. It also helped my swollen ankles as well! So have booked another one of those as well. I used to always have regular facials and reflexology as I find that works for me but have rather let things slide in the last 4 years - having RA doesn't help either as you don't feel like doing much.

Very achy today after all the rain yesterday - woke up to very stiff hands, shoulders and upper arms. Hands still stiff but have had a good stretch to try and lengthen everything. Shoulders very painful today and woke me up several times in the night. Sometimes think I need an assistance dog just to get me out of bed!

Just finished (for the umpteenth time) a wonderful book called Finding Harmony by Sally Hyder. She has an assistance dog called Harmony from Canine Partners.She also has MS which is progressive and the book is about her life and her being partnered with Harmony and the difference the dog has made to her life. I do recommend it.

My GP is going to ring next Tuesday following the letter I wrote to the surgery about the cancellation of my foot op and the anaesthetist getting me all worried about my heart! I told the GP that I hadn't had an ECG done since 2004 when in Papworth and the anaesthetist was concerned that I wasn't seeing a cardiologist regularly. So the GP is ringing to discuss. so we shall see what is suggested. Apart from a bit of breathlessness when I over do it I don't seem to have any trouble.

I think I told you Berry (my gun dog) had a nasty lump on his neck the other week which burst and I found a dead tick embedded in it! Down to the vet the next morning who said it was a good thing it had burst and put him onto anti biotics. I had to bathe his neck 2/3 times a day with hot water. It has virtually gone now apart from a scab. He seems fine in himself. He has had to miss his training this year because of several tummy upsets and we didn't know what caused it. One of the local shooters wants to take him on a shoot this autumn to see how he responds. Berry knows him so should obey his commands and whistle, but I have to go and stand behind the guns ready to pick up. Berry will be on a lead and will only be released if the gamekeeper permits it. So we shall see how he gets on.

Off to a friend's tonight for a BBQ (all ladies) so should be fun. Am taking a french apple tart and two tubs of cream to help out. WI tomorrow evening and another BBQ on Thursday this time for himself's Rotary club. On Sunday we are going to a vintage tea and been instructed to wear something vintage! So a long skirt with petticoats underneath, pearls, hat and gloves are the order of the day. Himself will wear his linen suit which covers all ages of fashion. He bought it to wear on the Orient Express for our 40th anniversary and one of the actors commented he really looked the part of a 1920's gentleman!

Anyway, I think that's all our news. The sun is out today and temperatures are supposed to go up to 24 degrees so hope the warmth will help the joints unstick themselves. Love LavendarLady x

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  • Lovely post

  • Plenty going on then! I very much like the sound of the french apple tart & cream!

    I am generally not too bad at the moment but get the occasional Very Stiff day which means there are tears by tea time or rather I feel like wailing by late afternoon after forcing my seized up bod to do things all day. It was like that yesterday - the first rainy day for ages - knees, hands, feet, spine the lot. So I'm interested that you see rain as the culprit.

    Enjoy your BBQs & vintage tea. Luce x

  • Sounds lovely (apart from the aches)!

  • And poor Berry and the burried tick - ugh! x

  • Yes, definitely an Ugh! LL x

  • Sounds a real treat for you.. lovely post.. nice to see you back x

  • Thanx Alison. Hope you are ok. LL x

  • Lavender Lady, I am so pleased to see posts from you again. Seems it has been a long time since last we met here ! hahaha--I corrected it, but I had typed "Pots" instead of "Posts" in that first sentence....our esteemed spell checker may have enjoyed pointing that out :)

    Back to your post is lovely, great to read that you can take part in so many of your social events!! Wonderful news.. Maybe you can refresh our memories on what drugs you are using to accomplish your activities?

    All the best to you, lovely Lavender your name Loretxxx

  • Hi Loret, lovely to hear from you again. I am on MTX (20 mg) and Enbrel (Etanercept) which seem to keep me relatively pain free. I also take Nurofen and Paracetemol for pain and inflammation during a flare up. Other drugs relate to things like thyroid, blood pressure and cholesterol which don't really impact on the RA although the Nurofen can cause a rise in BP.

    Hope you are keeping well and pain free. LL x

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