Liver biopsy saga

Well true to my obtuse and unusual body and medical experiences I had the biopsy on Friday and unfortunately they hot a nerve so ended up being admitted for uncontrollable pain. What a wonderful experience didn't really make me feel better for the gastro to tell me how brave I had been and how rare it was for that to happen. Gee thanks luv I hot the jackpot. Well I am finally home and so pleased to be here! Only issue is that they have given me fentanyl patches and I am a little nervous about using it as I am home alone until tomorrow arvo. Anyone had experience with these and if so what are the side effects like. I had a fentanyl infusion in hospital.

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  • OMG you have had an nasty experience. Sorry I dont have anything helpful to add about Fentanyl. Please let us know how you get on. Sharon

  • Thanks Sharon it appears that every time I have any procedures I am the rare, Oh this never happens, Oh that IS unusual etc person. Feeling not so special really! hahahah

  • I think the only thing you can take from this horrible experience is that you are special! Poor you though its a high price to pay for being rare. Xxx

  • Poor you, I'm sure you could give up being that kind of special very happily! luckily I've never had to use fentanyl patches, as pain has never quite got to those extremes. All I know about them is that you must take the warnings in the leaflet about avoiding hot baths/showers etc seriously. Hope the pain goes quickly. polly

  • Oh dear you are having a time of it. Really hope your sorted soon xxx

  • well glad I didn't take the fentanyl GP said that as my lung collapsed? news to me no one told me that, that the fentanyl which causes depressed respiration may have had bad effect on me and as I was home alone I made the right choice. He also said that I am special! Geee, hahahah he has not had a patient where everything goes wrong like it does for me. Now is watching me for pleurisy apparently lung collapse can cause that, great I look forward to the next few days. At least he has given me 3 days off work to continue to recover. Sheesh what next :)

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