Hi, its good to be back!

I have really missed checking here to see how everyone is doing, luckily it seems that everything is getting back to normal.

I have missed checking in and seeing some of the wonderful conversations as well as some very informative ones. I seem to be on a very even keel at the moment with the only real issue being fatigue. It only takes the smallest extra effort and i am wiped out the next day, so Monday to Friday Ii live a very quiet life but this is so much better than it was. I hope you are all managing to survive the heat.

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Welcome back, it's quite addictive isn't it!

I was away when the switchover happened but catching up,it looks like a few are still missing in action.............

Alerts seem to be coming through on a daily basis now

Ronnie x


I was missing in action too!! welcome back x


Welcome back. It has been soow hot hasn't it even for me who loves the heat x


It is good we are all gradually returning to our sites and managing to say hello to each other. Will it be hot to day I wonder It is raining here had enough of it already and it is only 7.20 Lol xgins


Welcome back as well from me. I have missed all our chats,i do think when this site has been running for a few weeks it will be ok.xxxx


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