Which dietary changes can I make to gain better control over my Rheumatoid Arthritis? Should I go gluten/wheat, dairy and acid free?

I have heard that gluten/wheat free, acid free and dairy free can massively help Arthritis sufferers' symptoms. Specifically what could or should I do to gain better control over my inflammation, joint pain, stiffness and fatigue as I am struggling to cope with medicines alone after 2.5 years of persistent flare-ups. At the moment, I eat healthily and ensure I eat a balanced diet but I feel I should make some changes as at the moment I eat anything I like without any regard to food groups that may flare up my condition. I know of people who changed their diet once they were diagnosed and have never needed drugs apart from the occasional course of steroids, whereas I am on 25mg Methotrexate injectable a week and Hydroxycholoroquine and am looking to start Golimumab treatment.

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I'm sure you will get some interesting responses & wish you luck with your search - I too often think about making radical changes to my diet. I do think, though, that there's little point in comparing ourselves to others with RA as its effects are just so variable.

So far I haven't eliminated any food groups entirely although I've lost the taste for red meat and other rich or heavy foods and assume this is just my body's wisdom. I eat a lot of curries and have started using even more turmeric and ginger than usual for their anti-inflammatory properties. I thought I ate well before I got RA but I now make a conscious effort to eat more green vegetables on the basis that just about any dietary advice recommends them. And by the same token I limit sugar - even from fruit - seeing as nobody's got a good word to say for it.

My disease is very up & down but I tend to have very good weeks when, bizarrely, I feel much better in myself than I did before I got ill. So I'd heartily recommend lots of greens & naturally anti-inflammatory foods. Luce xx


Agree with you luce x


HI blondii, I have started making a few changes as well, trying to keep white flour and sugar out of my diet, so crazy to see all the foodstuffs that sugar is in. Anyway from the beginning of the week I have been juicing mostly green vegetables and apples and for lunch I do a salad or another juice and then have a reasonably healthy dinner. I think the hot weather has really helped stem my appetite because I do not feel a bit hungry at all. So far there is not much change - I am off all dmards for past 3 weeks and inflammation is active but like Luce says, I feel better and much less stodgy. There is some stuff on the nras website to do with diet that is helpful.


What sort of greens do you usually go for? Im not a very healthy eater but really should start making more of an effort but never quite sure how incorporate vegetables!


Hi Sian, the greens that I have been taking are kale, spinach, celery - though this is 4 days later and I am a bit sick of the greens - this morning I had celery, beetroot, carrot and apple all juiced up and served with ice. I have been adding beetroot as well, very nice it gives it a real earthy taste.


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