Extreme reaction to Mosquito bites

I am been on Metoject injections for 2 years and hydroxachloraquine for 6 years for my RA. The last 2 years whilst on holiday I had really severe reactions to insect/mosquito bites, huge yellow blisters surrounded by large red/inflamed area which was very hot and painful. I am assuming it may have something to do with meds and condition as although I have been bitten before, the reaction wasn't like this. I have only been on the metaject for 2 years so think there may be link? has anyone else had this problem and any suggestions are very welcome! I always use heavy duty repellent and have plug in repellents in the apartment. Believe it or not, I only go to friends in Germany, not to some exotic climate! I have just read Germany are expecting a bad year for Mosquitoes so think I may wear full body armour! any suggestions please?

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  • Don't know about MTX and mosquito bites but my husband always seems to be plagued by bites. We spend a lot of time in Saudi Arabia and mosquitos are rife there. We have used Incognito for years now, it's natural and works extremely well. Usually we just use the repellant but this year we are planning to go to Sri Lanka which has a big problem with mosquitos so I've also bought the shower gel so that we layer the repellant. Also we've found that Boots after sun with insect repellent works well with the Incognito. I wouldn't use anything else now. Clemmie

  • Thank you Clemmie! will definitely give Incognito a go this year :) x

  • You're welcome, I hope that it works for you. You can get it at Holland and Barrat but it can be expensive ( though no,more than the deet stuff, I don't think) so I buy it from Amazon and you can usually get it there for a good price. This year they also have a new addition which is a tin of it so I've bought some of them to leave around the villa. We usually use the plug in stuff but I thought that I would try this. There always seems to be one flying around! We have a friend in Munich and I know that they have big problems every year with mosquitos there. Hope you have a good holiday. Clemmie

  • I Have this reaction problem.. had bad experiences in the Greek islands.. last time it was even worse was becoming cellulitis I since only go to dry places like canary islands.. dry and arid.. no standing water for mosquitos or to UK, I went to Lanzarote in feb, but cant standing airport queues any more so unless I go down the full disabled access route I'm skipping foreign holidays??!!

  • I have this problem. I take antihistamine tablets throughout the summer, so tnat I don't get the reaction. It works!! Prevention is better than cure!......of course use repellents as well, but none of them are 100%. M x

  • I go to Majorca a lot and had never been bitten until we went to Alcudia for a day - the bite turned into cellulitis and I was admitted to hospital the evening we came back - the doctor was concerned it was travelling up the leg towards my knee replacement - which would have been bad! Take care. x

  • If you apply any antiseptic cream over the area this can help. In different countries the react differently from my experience. I had a lot of problems in Greece and Nigeria in my working life!!!, South east Asia, India and Sri Lanka not a big problem.

  • Hi there.

    I used to get terrible mosquito bites until I started using "Mosquito Milk".

    You can buy it online - I think it was Chemist Direct & Amazon do it too. It comes in a roll on. Easy to apply, no nasty smell and works a treat. Past 2 years I have had no bites when holidaying in Greece and previously I was eaten alive!

    Good luck ☺

  • Hi yotelecom,

    When you are taking immunosuppressive meds your immunesystem becomes more vulnerable towards infections of bacteria and microbes, as you know. Insect bites may contain pathogens that your body has a hard time fighting. Information about protecting oneself from insect bites should be part of the RA med information.

    Hope this info helps.


  • Hi Simba

    Thanks for that, I had an idea this was the case but wasn't sure if I was blaming everything on meds! I will ask the hospital next time I go for bloods. Thanks again :)


  • Prior to being on DMARDS. I used deet preparations when going abroad. Also always used tea tree shampoo and shower gel for extra protection.

    Now on triple therapy I got a bite on the Isle of Wight by whatever. It turned yellow all round was red and tracked down my arm with swelling and heat. Ended up at the local G.P.

    Always take extra care.

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