We live and learn!

The sun is out, it's warm and I've got the back door open and am NOT wearing jumper. Get me, I'm such a rebel.

One outstanding job of mine has been to Nikwax my leather boots as last time it rained I got wet feet. I read the instructions on the tin and it said it was best to use fingers as the warmth would naturally soften the wax and ease application. I quite enjoyed it but it was a bit wiffy so they're now sitting outside in th sun. It was all going so well until I went to wash my hands...granted they're remarkably soft but they also smell of wax and I can't rid myself of it...ergh! I suppose that's the problem though with waterproof wax - why did I not wear gloves?!

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hmmmmm.... methinks you won't do that again in a hurry. The bonus is of course, dry feet!


Yay! Yak, they still stink ;)


have you got some lemon fresh or one of those squeezy ones. rub some in your hands and then air dry. Might help



Ta Tricia! I did a bit of hand washing which has helped to ease the smell but they're still slippery and shiny! Off to bath the kids now so hoping that giving 'em a good scrub will help, else we'll all smell the same so no one will notice ;)


Hi Jo, hang onto the kids then with those slippery hands!! lol

The things we do that seem a great idea at the time.

mand xx


Ha ha Mand! My daughter has never had her hair washed so many times...!! Seems to have done the trick though :)