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well after pushing and pushing and a few more trips to GP who is really concerned about my declining health, the rheumy finally called me in response to yet another phone call going ignored. He has finally booked me in to liver clinic as GP suspects I have AI hepatitis now on top of the rest of the rubbish going on. So maybe just maybe if I have all the tests prior to 15 August when I see the rheumy, after 16 months of agony and all sorts of other stuff I may finally be given some medication to help me stop the miserable existence i lead now. Oh yeah and maybe get a proper diagnosis apart from inflammatory arthritis too but I won't hold my breath for that one.

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Oh bless you, you poor thing. Why do we have to get so ill before the rheumy's take us seriously ? I too have that 'inflammatory arthritis' tag which infuriates my GP as she is convinced as much as I am that I have RA. But the rheumy wouldn't confirm as my RA factor is always 'normal' not positive. He's done a bunk now so it's watch this space whilst we wait for a new one!

Hope your liver problems are sorted soon and turn out not to be as bad as feared and really hope you get that RA diagnosis and treatment as soon as poss.

Take care

JoJo Xx


Thanks JoJo my gp has been pretty right all along but I hope he isn't this time, I have had more than a year of being mucked around by first a general medicine specialist who because he couldn't figure out what was wrong decided it was all in my head and wanted to put me on heavy duty anti depressants and I said no I will not take them and demanded to be referred to a rheumy and now I have had another agonizing 6 month wait after initial appt to see them again. They did say at first that I could have an overlap of RA and Lupus- rhupus and so I am hoping to find out mid August but won't hold my breath. I am also sero negative or I was at the last blood test prior to 1st appt. You poor thing I really feel for you the waiting and being stuffed around is so frustrating


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