I am so lucky!

I am so lucky!

As I read so many blogs from others I realise just how lucky I really am.

I like others have so many people who question my RA and tell me I shouldnt have it at 33 and I think you have got it wrong!

However I am lucky enough to have a perfect partner who although he dosent totally understand (I dont think you cant till youve got RA and Fibro) but he tries his best he reads up on others experiences and supports me all the way he does all the work and jobs he can so I dont need to push myself, he cooks all my meals and basilcaly just totally looks after me, I also have my Mum and Dad and two sisters and one friend who get it as much as someone who dosent suffer from RA can.

I have lots of other friends and family but they think if I start wearing copper braclets and take glucosamine sulphate then I will be fine tomorrow and think I am just exaggerating. If only they seen me struggling to get out of bed in the morning in a rush to make it to the toilet which would take them about 20 steps to get there but with my stifness shuffle it feels like it takes me 20 minutes.

I read so many comments that say so many people have no family to help or understand, but I dont want to brag I just want to point out to my friend and family just how gratefull I really am!

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  • Nicely put, I'm sure they do know how much they're all appreciated! I feel lke I say thank you so often that I'm convinced they don't hear it anymore or that they think I don't really mean it - but I do! x

  • Hi Julie

    Your partner sounds great, and it is nice you have lots of help and support...sounds funny to say you are lucky... but you know what I mean... have a nice day xx

  • Hi Julie

    I'm sure that they do understand and it's really hard to explain to people what RA or Fibro feels like. I sometimes forget that I have fibro as well and that compaunds the stiffness etc. Still see my blog on Tena pads getting out of bed and knowing you won't dribble on the floor is a bonus believe me. have a good day.


  • take care.. im ra and fibro by diagnosis too xx

  • Hi Julie, I know what you mean about partner support, I often think any other man would have run a mile by now having to put up with what my hubby does.

    It's love I suppose, and mine's been through everything with me too.

    I suppose it's just as difficult for them too seeing the one you love in all that pain and sometimes feeling helpless as there's only so much they can do.I also have a brilliant sister who helps me loads too, she works as a care assistant so understands a little about what I go through, and of course my son. Where would I be without them three I just don't know.

    take care

    mand xx

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