No more MTX

Just got back from the RA clinic and unfortunately have been told I have to stop taking my MTX due to problems with my blood tests. Very disappointed as I seemed to be getting good results for the three months I've been on it. My rhuemy doctor has suggested once everything settles down with my liver he may try me on Leflunomide, is anyone else taking this drug, would be interested to know what it's like. I also take sulphasalazine twice a day.

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  • hi Christine, yes one step back but maybe more steps forward as Leflonomide might give even better results without causing blood tests to be poor.

    I take Leflunomide and have been good on it , it has certainly helped and helps the swellings a lot. Rest up and good luck with the new drugs, dont be too disheartened. hugs Axx

  • Thank you for your reply, I just need to wait for my next set of blood tests to see if the effects of MTX have worn off then the doctor will decide if I should go on them. If not I am going to get referred to a liver specialist but fingers crossed everything will turn out well.

  • Oh no that is very annoying for you and must feel like a major setback. But as Allanah and Scouser both say Leflunomide will hopefully be as effective for you without the liver implications. Your liver results must have been a bit off the scale to be taken off it because mine were high but I just kept dropping a dose until my liver started accepting it eventually. Livers can take a while to return to normal but I'm sure it will. Good luck! X

  • Hi Tilda, yes the Rhuemy doctor told me it was four times higher that it should have been, I've got an appointment in September so hopefully things will be back to normal by then, then I can start on the Leflunomide - fingers crossed

  • Heck that is high. But there are plenty more meds to try and hopefully the Sulpha will keep things in check until September. X

  • I got the rheumatolid in july but my bloods are low is mtx that does that

  • I take MTX I have been on it since jan this year, all my bloods are ok. hope they stay that way, hope your liver gets better soon.

    peace n love


  • I have just been diagnosed with ra 3 months ago and just saw consultant 2weeks ago. Saw rhumy nurse last week so have started MTX today,hope fully ill be ok on it. I also take hydroclooquine and Celebrex. I have been bit troubled about the meds as I am on lots of other meds. I also have COPD osteoporosis and I have a hernia. I ain't no spring chic neither ill be 70 later on this year so with all this happening I'm a bit fed up. Anyway I'm hoping ill be ok on MTX as its only a few hours since I took it.

  • I had to come off Mtx recently because of really high liver enzymes, I'd only been taking it for three weeks... 2-3 weeks later without meds the levels were back to normal and I've started new meds. Hope this helps xx

  • Thank you Moifoi, really hoping things will get back to normal by my next visit to my Rhuemy doctor. Such a shame I had to stop taking it as the swelling in my hands went right down.

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