chocolate beetroot cake( by popular demand)

chocolate beetroot cake( by popular demand)

hi original recipe adapted from oct 2009 morrisons magazine(just before i was diagnosed) cooking is my therapy!!,it can be viewed on line(morrisons magazine site), I leave off any frosting on top some recipes suggest choc or cream cheese, this makes it healthier and avoids death by chocolate ha ha .!!!.

Basic cake principle but 100mls of oil is used instead of fat I use rice bran oil sold at morrisons and ASDA as no cholesterol!! but you could use sunflower or olive, 250g or bout 4oz of beetroot cooked but NOT PICKLED!,About 200g cocoa powder or you could use 200g melted plain chocolate more fat and calories!!up to you. Then 2/3 large FREE range eggs! not battery farm rubbish, 100-150g self raising flour ,you could use gluten free or wholemeal if you want to be extra healthy, 1/2 to 1 tsp baking powder (50g of either ground almonds or crushed walnuts optional) if not having add extra 50g cocoa, have found morrisons own better than cadburys, darker, more rich/ bitter, if you have sweet tooth substitute 150g of green and blacks organic drinking choc in place of cocoa, 200g of any light brown, demera, golden cater sugar of your choice

0ven 180oc fan 160/gas 4,

grease loose bottemed tin

method cake method!!, but blitz beetroot in food processoe/ blender, with oil before adding

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  • Thanks Alison this sounds lovely and of course I have an abundance of FREE RANGE EGGS!!!!!

  • This looks lovely. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • I think I'll have a go at this... although I'll have to locate some beetroot. Didn't know about rice bran oil... I'll investigate.

  • Sounds delish will be trying this one…thank you :)

  • Summer, I'm going to make this, just because I can't believe beetroot and chocolate! its like Peter Kay's joke 'cheeeeese cake'? I will be eating my words later in the week I'm sure! x

  • have made it so many times you get vacuum packed chilled beetroot from salad section of supermarket

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