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Popular Rheumatologist!

My doctor was featured in the news this morning. Her and a team of doctors from St Paul's developed a new assay test for IgG4RD . A world first. I knew she was special lol She and her colleagues Dr Chen are both awesome. I like that they are very open to genetics and patient involvement. I never hesitate to question drugs, treatments and alternative approaches.

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That's a blessing

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You are so lucky, where are you treated? I never see the same doctor twice and always have review appointments cancelled and delayed........

Good luck with it all!


I go to a private clinic in Vancouver. I have only ever seen one rheumatologist. I cannot imagine the stress of different doctors. I find it is difficult enough to deal with this devastating illness. If it were not for her I would not be continuing these drugs. She is the most compassionate, progressive and considerate person I have had the pleasure to meet. I am turning 57 and have seen many , many doctors across Canada. I moved to the West Coast in 1998. I cannot even brag that she is Canadian as she is from Boston. Her spouse is awesome as well. He runs the Brain Health Clinic at UBC.


Hi, thank you for replying, I live in York, England and the hospital rheumatology clinics are just too busy. After five different drugs over 3 years I am due to start on Abatacept this week. I am sero negative and it's proving difficult to target. So lovely to hear from someone who is coping well with great support. My warmest wishes from the UK. Lesley


I think rheumies are truly trying to find new and better ways of diagnosing RA. Certainly it will make their jobs easier and it will give us the reassurance we need to know we are following the best pathway to get pain relief and prevent further damage.

When I was in my rheumy's office last week I brought my husband along with me because I felt I wasn't getting questions answered as my doctor can seem a little on the cold and hurried side. While we were waiting to be called in, we started talking with a gentleman I assumed to be a patient. He wasn't a patient, but a partner with the doctor and they had teamed up to get new and more precise testing implemented for doctor's everywhere to be able to utilize. As he spoke about my doctor I saw him in a different light and felt reassured that he, like your doctor seemed to be on the cutting edge technically and compassionately desiring to make things better for patients suffering with autoimmune diseases.

Thanks for sharing your story of your rheumy's efforts. I pray these things will promptly help all of us. 😊

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