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Another Newbie, going to moan big style now;

Iv RA and FM & OA im on severadol, co-codamol tramadol, was on preglabin but had to stop because of side effects, also was on methx injections, but after repeated chest infections they took me off, them, i have rhumey apt 18th jan with view to restarting as iv since been diagnosed with OA in my shoulder and knee, now my question is iv developed a lump like a tear in the muscle type ump large and sore not on my elbow but near toward my hand but more my elbow type of thing, its extremely sore, and soft its abut the size of 1 50p peice maybe larger, does anyone have any idea what this could be?, its restricting my movement in my arm, also iv get v sore abcesses under the armpit on that same arm my right, and maybe have 6 given any one time, iv been on 3 month coarse of abs for it and diffrent tablets nothing helps,.

Im complaining today as iv 4 layers on the top 2 on the bottom and im v cold, and its 13 degrees,

Nice to find a informative site and wishing you all a happy pain free year,.

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welcome to this fab site that gives us all somewhere toput our thoughts as others dont understand.

i have been on antibiotics too for lumps in my groin - of all places ! !

cannot tell you how well i know my doctor now after him feeling around

for the last few weeks as i thought i had lymph cancer ! ! i do panic tho!

well embarrasment aside, the lumps are sore and new ones did appear but seem to have slowed down as meds got working.

i am going to see how they go over new year hols otherwise back to the docs for a quick grope ! !

let us know how you get on over next few days - and i am also cold - i feel leke a right old granny as i got cardi on and nice bed socks on and i have only just had my dinner - it not bedtime yet! ! !

beachbabe xxxxxxxxxxxx



Thanks I wouldnt like to get to know my doc that well,.xx


Hi welcome Zoeybeau - this is a great site for RA sufferers. Poor you it sounds as though you are going through the mill. I'm cold a lot too - used to be the one the family warmed their hands on until recently when I'm constantly looking for extra layers - but then I do live in the very far north of Scotland which today is freezing - despite being more sunny and less windy today than it's been of late.

Could the lumps be ganglions that I was asking about in questions here? Or could they be rheumatoid nodules? Mine are very small, hard and bony and a bit transparent at first then they seem to settle into being just flesh coloured. They seem to settle on the bony points of my joints and GP thought they might be ganglions although these seem to be soft from what I've read. He didn't think mine were rheumatoid nodules but thought they were probably to do with the RA as they are on the same joints that are swollen, stiff or hurt most. I think they are OA related from what I've read but yours sound very different and much larger than mine.

Good luck anyway and be careful of the abcess because a friend had one under her arm that had to be lanced and got re-infected and finally gave her blood poisoning and it wasn't good at all so please keep an eye on it. Tilda x


I was going to suggest what tilda has just said, you are in a bad way aren't you. How are you managing not taking mtx and pregablin,i'm on both as i have ra fibromyalgia. At the moment i'm suffering because i'm not allowed to take mtx as i'm on my second course of antibiotics for chest infection/pneumonia. This has been going on for a while now. Now without the mtx my hands are really starting to suffer.

We are a great bunch on here and i can't help but bang on about the folks on here,i love them to bits as they will always cheer you up when your down and they all share in the good times as well.

Welcome to the site and we look forward to hearing more from you.



I was on the Sulphalazine when i was first diagnosed 4 years ago, they never agreed with me I had a nasty reaction to them, then the mxt tabs, same thing then the injections, they gave me a ulcer but i could deal with that, i'm in a bad way at the minute and counting down the days so i can get back on the jabs, the depression is bad also, Doc won't give me amitriplin as he said they would react with the Tramadol which seems like a life line at the minute,(excuse the spelling ) also I try not to sit at home and complain I have a horse I don't ride as i did and my knee was worse,I drive alot when im not well it helps me think,I would just like to take to my bed and stay there, but Iv also got two show boxers and like to do that when i can, Im hopeful for 2012 that the medication will work and il not be in constant pain, for people who look at me sideways when im sore i think you should walk a day in my shoes and then complain, I get very ratty and very sacarastic the sarcasasim helps me cope, wishing everyone a safe happy and peaceful new year,, I won't be having anymore than one tonight as it raises my liver count causing a flare.:)



Toni, Welcome aboard! You can be sure, whatever questions you have, there is somebody who can help you.

Depression should be treated, though you may have to push for it. It does help us cope with everything else.

Amitriptilene is frequently used, and I was unaware that it had any adverse effect with Tramadol. But there are many other antidepressives that work very well.You might ask for Fluoxetene (Prozac) Very inexpensive now.

Regarding those lumps and the antibiotics, with no obvious results.: Keep track of your temperature. That would signal an ongoing infection. If your temp is elevated, I urge you to get to immediate care, be it your GP, or an Emergency clinic. That should not wait until the 18th appt.

Always take your temp after you have been up and about for awhile. Taking it while lying in bed is just Basal temp and would not reflect a true reading.

For Goodness sake, good luck! Loret


Thankyou happy New year,.x


Welcome.. hope they get your meds sorted soon.. happy new year xx

Alison x


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