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Twenty four hours of misery!

Twenty four hours of misery!

Had a sStudy Club meeting to go to at 10:30 am Weds. Was really having a hard time getting a move on to get ready to go out, not sure why so much more difficult than usual. Just no ambition there!

Did get there, had an interesting discussion with 17 present. By 11:30 I was feeling very weary and anxious to move on, so I subtely guided the discussion to a stopping point. We had reservations for lunch at 12:15.

We all went to the Gulf Course Restaurant, had a nice chicken stir-fry with lots of brocolli and red pepper strips, and of course, more chatting and giggling, as we related Christmas stories since our last meeting.

When we left there at 1:45pm, my friend who was driving, suggested we stop at the Dollar Store, as they had some good sales, and we both had said we needed to get some birthday cards. At that point I realized I had not taken my "endurance meds", meaning Tramadol, Nerontin and Vicodin, due at 12:00.

I thought we should be back home soon so I'll wait til then.

Got back home at 3:00, now really hurting, could hardly put one foot in front of the other, despite the walker, and my nose was kinda tingley and itchey and needed to clear my throat, then coughed, oh crap that hurt, so guess I must be harbouring a virus which explains why I felt so crummy earlier.

Told my friend I was ready for a nap, she brought in my bags of sales stuff, and went home. I took the meds, changed from dress clothes and got in bed for desperatley needed nap. 5 mins later, the phone rang, I had left the portable ones in the living room and kitchen , so had to get up to answer the corded one. It was a political survey and I hung up, rather ferociously! My nose is dripping profusely, guess I am getting a cold, which I so rarely ever do- been atleast 3 years.

Got the housephone, some tissues, and the cell phone, got back in bed for that desperatley needed nap. Drifting off---the doorbell rang. It was friend bringing back the box of leftovers from lunch we had left in her car. OK...put that in frig,, got more tissues to catch the dripping nose, took anti-histamine tablet and got back in bed. About an hour, hadn't really slept, so got up to read the newspapers, get the mail, and have a nice hot cup of coffee.

All evening I am being overtaken by the progression of this new disease. Obviously, the immun system is out of order! My nose feels like there are living creatures crawling and squirming in there! And the nose drips constantly. Used all the pressure points many times, directed at stopping the itching sneezing and creepy crawlies. Sneezed and scared the heck out of Bridget- she left me to go lay on the floor with one of her cat-nip critters.

Decided to head to bed by 11pm. Read through the blogs and other email, Facebook, might have left some comments and went to bed at 1:10am.

Never really went to sleep. looked at the clock at 2,3,4 am. Thought to get up and go blogging, but was too limp, had no strength to move that far. The computer desk is right beside the night stand. :P Suspect the anti-histamine was keeping me awake. But it had opened and dried up my sinuses! Layed there willing myself to get up and go make coffee, so finally did at 6:55 am. It was like somebody was holding me down, I was so weak! Soon as I finally stood up, my head was stuffed and nose dripping, breathing fire from both nostrils, then they swelled shut and I breathed fire through mouth. Crap!

Supposed to go to hospital for standing lab work before seeing Rheumatologist on Monday. Have no desire or strength to go anywhere.

MTX is due Friday night. I know it's OK to take it, not sure if the usual day of tiredness following is going to add to what is already here! Yuck!

Will call my daughter-in-law and see if she was planning on taking me to the hospital lab later this afternoon. Should get some nasal spray to open my sinuses before I go. It's now 11:50, so in the last 24 hours I have managed to go from a lovely meeting and lunch to this miserable, red-nosed, teary-eyed mass of decrepancy.

Might as well go make some tea and crawl back in bed. Would be so lovely and comforting to have someone bring it to me!

This time I won't forget my "endurance meds" :)

PS: How long does this thing last? Is it longer because of our MTX and other immune suppressing drugs? Wishing you all well, Love, Loret xxx

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Loretta my love your in good company,i have another chest infection,but you sound a lot worse than me. I'm unable to to take my mtx this week due to antibiotics. Rang my rheumy today and she seemed concerned that she has said she will speak to my consultant when he gets back. I know it takes longer to recover from illnesses with ra.

Take care my love, sylvi.xx


Hi Loret

Sorry you're feeling so ill at the moment - there's some nasty bugs going round over here at the moment.Hope your family are able to look after you.Good luck on Monday.

Take care and hope you feel better soon

Love Julie x


Poor you Loret. I have to say it sounds a bit like the "cold" i had at New Year where I ended up in bed for 2 days with the most foul, dripping nose and headache I've ever experienced. I rarely get ill so it was quite a shock but didn't last long and had no after effects despite me continuing on the higher dose of MTX. Yesterday too I felt dreadful and had to quit the day and go to bed and sleep after a couple of hours tai chi - this time it definitely wasn't a virus but it was horrible. But today I've been fine and dandy all day so sometimes we just have to go with the flow - oops not a very tactful thing to say to you I'm sorry!?

Hope tonight is better - if it's still to come - or if you're about to wake now then I hope its gone well. Big hug (at a healthy distance though!) TTx


Thanks Julie and Tilda, and Sylvi, I ahve barraged myself with decongestant nasal spray, anti-histamine tablets, hot tea and coffee and made home made Hot-Sour Soup. I would just be so pleased if the squiggly, tickley goings-on in my nose would just stop! Spent 3 hours in bed this afternoon, so not at all ready to think about bedtime. It's 8 pm now, want to watch "Grey's Anatomy" at 9, followed by "Private Practice" at 10, have sopme writing to do so may stay up a bit later, since I am buoyed with anti-histamine and coffee!

Been years since I've had a cold and have only been away from home 2 times in the past two weeks, but it was in large crowds, so somebody sneezed or breathed near me. It does scare me when I am in a crowded gym with no immune system to depend on.

You are all likely settled in by now, so I wish you all well.

Spoke to my son, Dr. Doug, he said I am doing all there is to be done, just drink lots and stay warm. So just have to put up with the bug!

Meet you here next time. Love ya, Loret


Tilda, your hug got here today, right about noon. Thanks lots, I am better, not so droopy, but nose still drippy! So annoying. Friday, 12 Midnight


Oh good - I've just done my work out on Nintendo Wii and am a sweaty mass of aches and pains now so I'm glad I sent it to you earlier! TTx


Hi there Loret,

I've been out of computer reach for a bit, so sorry to pop back & find you've been suffering. Hopefully by the time you read this things might have improved or at least your nose will have stopped tingling. Colds are the most miserable things since you know you're not really "ill", but they're sufficiently debilitating to make you just crumble. And RA is enough to deal with, without anything else on top. Hope you have good things to eat in stock, and can rest up and get over it as quick as possible. Px


Hi Polly, I did miss you a bit in the last few days. Glad you are OK. Last night my son said to make a list of what I might need in the next week or so, as they are planning a quick trip to Disneyworld with the three teens. They will only miss one day of school. Never been there, likely won't, but it always sounds so fun when they get back.

All I can think of to put on my list is, chocolate ice cream, Oreo cookies, Orange Sherbet, and chocolate layer cake with fudge frosting! Of course, I can't have any of that stuff! It's my way of trying to irritate my Dr. son, though he knows I am only joking.

Good things to eat on hand, are several Lean Quisine and Weight Watchers frozen meals, a bag of frozen chicken breasts, frozen pork chops, lots of salad ingredients, and Multigrain Cheerios and High Fiber Special K. Oh , and several flavors of Yogut. If I had the Orange sherbet, I could put the yogurt in it, in my little blender and have a frosty, or slushy, or whatever else it's called!

I have a very large, new Stephen King book to read and will attempt that this afternoon. I's called "11-22-63" and Stephen King is trying to imagine how the world might have been if President John F. Kennedy had not been assasinated 51 years ago. My problem with books is I can't hold them! So, I'm thinking I will put a large pillow on my lap and set the book on it, Sure can't read in bed anymore. Could with my Kindle, but don't want to pay to download it.

Have a nice weekend, stay well. Love, Loret xxx


Sorry you aren't feeling well, Loret. I laughed at your grocery list.

I am not feeling my best either. My stomach (or something) has been weird for 4 days now. I'm thinking it could be that I have another kidney stone, or it could be my IBS, or something else. I also started the folic acid 5 days ago, so I will google that to see if it can cause my symptoms.

I can't taste any food, nothing sounds good, and the not-quite nausea comes & goes. And after I walked yesterday, I felt really dizzy. Whatever.

Good luck on reading the Stephen King book, I loved his book Christine.



Christine, You sound not so good either! Will you be seeing your doc anytime soon? Drink plenty of fluids. That is a warning we get with MTX and some of the others, but I have to admit I don't make any major effort. The kidneys can get toxic from the MTX, so it needs to be better diluted. Also, dehydration will give you some of those symptoms, maybe it's that simple.

So, for the weekend, lets just take up drinking! haha Coffee, Tea, tea and more tea, or water with Crystal Light. I really like most of those!

A few others here were relating about Folic Acid causing "fuzzy" or nausea feelings. I don't take it presently. Have a nice weekend. Join with me in reading Stephen King's books. I have most of them and have read almost all he has written. I just marvel at his mind and how he can come up with so much to write! That is an amazing mind! "The Stand" is awesome, because it is so possible! A laboratory out west has the organism for the Plague, and someone drops the vial it's in, then escapes so no one can blame him, he knows how virile it is, and so contagious. Well, the entire country gets the plague, except for some who have a natural immunity (Wouldn't be us, would it?)

Becomes a stand against the good guys and the bad one who are trying to take over the country rather than live peacefully. It takes place in Los Vegas. A great book, I always wondered why they didn't make a movie from that one!

Cheers! Hope things get to feeling better. I will be happier when my nose quits burning and dripping. So discusting Now my nap time!

Keep drinking! Loret xxx


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