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What do people do while watching tv in the evenings?

By the evening I'm tired so need to sit & veg! I spend time on the computer & I like to knit.

However my hands & joints are reacting & are swollen & sore so I need to reduce the amount of knitting I do - :(

Now what do I do when watching tv which isn't very inspiring at the best of times! I can't just sit as I will get bored I need to be doing something so any suggestions welcome!!

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forget tv... read a book.. or if you have any one living with you play scrabble etc, invite friends round etc.. find an evening class or hobby?


I've managed to keep up knitting by changing to knitting much smaller things using double pointed needles - much easier to hold without having to grip too hard. I also have a knitting belt that you use with long double pointed needles - also means you don't have to hold onto the knitting so much as you have one end of the needle jammed into the padded bit on the belt or sheath. Do a youtube search for lessons on how to use one. I do know of a woman who had a stroke and taught herself to knit again with the belt. Also just choosing very light yarns so the piece of knitting isn't heavy. I also do cross stitch - using a frame, and again that means I don't have to grip anything too hard or hold tightly onto the needle.

If you are reading, then a kindle or similar e-reader is great as again its much easier and lighter to hold.


Thanks for your answers.

I do read & use a kindle which is great!

I've also use the knitpro wooden needles. The belt sounds intriguing though - where do you get them from?

I'm not too bad using chunky needles but am having trouble holding the smaller size needles because my pincer grip isn't good so I don't think I could manage cross stitch.

I've asked to be referred to the hand OT for some more ideas.


Here is a traditional supplier of the knitting belts

But, I got my first one on ebay, and there are different styles of knitting sheaths and belts.

Because you don't really have to grip the needles at all when you use a belt, I think you can probably knit with much smaller sized ones. The belt only works with up to about a 3 mm max needle I would think, though a sheath might go a bit thicker.


I cross stitch and do beading when my hands will allow :)


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