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Thanks very much...not!

Been having lots of pain and swelling in my left knee, apparently it's a bakers cyst, so got Brufen, yet another tummy protector and tubigrip to have to help as of course it's only two weeks to Glastonbury!

Also going this afternoon for a gout test....u what!!

So fed up, couldn't RA wait just a couple of weeks. Aargh! So hope it just goes way soon!

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Sounds like your in the wars. Think lots of sofa rest and be waited on will help. Would a bit of swimming be any help for movement in the knee ? Personally swimming really seems to help me.

Or my method is swear and shout at the offending body part and tubigrip plenty of double it If necessary. Until the dam thing finally shuts up!!!! As my first option of sofa etc does not work in this house.xxxx


thanks, i start hydrotherapy next friday so i hope that will help, just upset it chooses now to show another ugly pain which will make glastonbury even more difficult.

and I have got to drive to Durham tonight as the training for volunteering for Oxfam stewarding for leeds festival is tonight darn it.


I haven't tried this hydrotherapy, but am told it really helps. So hopefully this will sort you out!!

Just think of the stones at Glastonbury if there are on form you should be in for a treat.

Could you reschedule your training. I know sometimes its not poss If you don't ask you wont fine out if you could move the training. xxx


no cos they deal mainly with youngsters who only volunteer to get in free, they dont turn up or do their shifts or turn up drunk or drugged lol, not like me at all, so they r strict on the training days and fine u if you dont show!!! i just called them and they r gonna keep me a parking space outside the building it will make it easier.

ye will keep positive , look on websites and they say the bakers cyst tends to go with rest and the treatments doc gave me, so heres hoping.


Sorry to hear you are struggling so much. I have a baker's cyst right now too and it's horrid. Ice is really helping me, when I'm at home - I apply an ice pack for 5 mins every hour. A bit trickier if you're not at home. Rest, rest, rest. I've had one before and the rest really does help. It's frustrating that RA strikes at the most awkward of times.


hope its not gout?? cos a diet overhaul will be required


I will cross everything for you, you must be fit for Glastonbury!!

I was fair tuckered out after the Stone Roses on Friday but fighting fit for Kings of Leon tonight, heading off to the tube shortly. Physio on my left knee starts on Friday

Hope it goes away as randomly as it appeared

Take care

Ronnie xx


Hi Allanah hope your test went well this afternoon, please try and rest and i'm sure you will be ok for Glastonbury.

Take care Wendy xx


Your RA is just getting everything out of the way now, so that you'll be at your absolute best for Glastonbury... Toes crossed that it's not gout as that really wouldn't be fair! Polly x


Oh dear Allanah it's just so bleedn' typical that RA (or gout) rears up just as you are so busy with the rock festival season - especially Glastonbury. Hope it's not gout on top of RA - my dad had it severely in his feet but I don;t think there were many foods he avoided until diabetes came along and forced his hand. Thinking of you training with the youngsters tonight. Tilda xx


I had steroid injections in my bakers cysts and they went and haven't come back so far . . . My rheumy did them, it might be worth giving your nurse a ring.

Hope you have a brilliant time at Glastonbury.



Hiya, well didn't rest yet been up to a training night for stewarding for of am/ attitude is everything on disabled platforms and I am buzzing! It's only 2 weeks to glasto and I am accepted for Leeds FEST! Yeah! Blast the leg, will rest tomorrow, thank goodness I am used to crutches so I managed!!

I am diabetic so doc says not my diet but if the tests come back for gout it will be tablets, lets hope they r ok, she is just checking but says its a bakers cyst.

If it doesn't settle with the Brufen and rest to go back. Hope you enjoyed KOL Ronnie!

I had to do a test and already know I got one wrong at the training session, hope I pass!!

Off to rest now!


Yey! That's the spirit, sounds really positive and great news about Leeds.

Have just got up, booked the day off work, know I'd be knackered from all the standing at KOL last night, they were great!! Only thing is I went to the loo and coun't find my friends, ended up really near the front thinking I' m sure I couldn't see that we'll before lol!! Found them by the power of text messaging. Then trains at my part of London part suspended so had to find a black cab. Met a woman going my way, we shared a cab and she paid for it as was claiming on expenses anyway, result!

Am going to have a nice relaxing day today, finishing a book with my sore feet up

Have good restful day xx


Brill glad u enjoyed it, you should look up attitude is everything there might have been a raised disabled area on site, but that means you can only have one friend with you so it's a double edged sword!

Me at last resting the knee until my asthma review at 2 pm!


I agree re steroid to the knee. Had them many times and they work quickly. Can't guarantee the BC won't return as from personal experience they sometimes do but think postive. I can't bend my knees at the mo so no festivals for me. I go to loads of gigs and have done for 35 years. My aim is tio get to see my fave band on tour this autumn. Seen the Stones many times - my fave gig being Nice in 1982. Enjoy your Glastonbury! xx


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