Any advice very much appreciated.Mattcass

Hi Guys hope you are all well, time to wake up Dozy Dormouse the sun is out, I have been very slow and anything i do is so much an effort my GP says it's a kickback from the chest infection i had last month, It brought back what happened to me last march when a combo of meds made we so ill I did not think I was coming back from it and my mobility was down to nearly nil, any clues or advice.Mattcass

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  • Hi Matt

    I don't think however much we hide it away that we truly get over the shock of RA and what it can do to your body and health . Probably getting tired after feeling so well is just reminding you and giving you a little kick saying hey man don't forget you are still sick!

    My pain too has come back with a vengeance and the fatigue got morphine patches and steroid jab tomorrow but just read Levo post about the tribe and it's made me stop feeling sorry for myself.

    I think docs probably right that the fatigue can go on after a very bad infection, so take care of yourself and your body might be saying give me a break, need a rest today!! So have a gentle day if you can and come back fighting in a few days, hugs as always to you and yours A x

  • Hi A, Thank you, It looks like i will have to take it easy for another few days Fran is not happy I'm at my work. I hope your pain does not last to long. Matt

  • As usual Matt, Fran is right!,, lol when will you learn ! Hugs xxxxxx

  • I second what Allanah has said. When I feel alright I tend to go at everything full speed instead of taking time. Perhaps you have overdone things whilst you've been relatively okay and now you are paying for it. Just take it easy. Clemmie x

  • Hi Clemmie hope you are keeping Ok. looks like everyone is right about me overdoing it i will take it easy for a few days.Matt

  • Matt i am guilty as charged with over doing it. So if yo u have had an infection you will need recovery time.I find the fatigue gets me everytime. i had a cleaning binge sunday and i have suffered since and i haven't had an infection,so listen to the good Fran and be a good boy and take it easy.xxxxx

  • Hi silvi thank you very much it looks like i will take it easy for a few days.Matt

  • Matt the trouble with RA is it leads to other problems sadly.It also takes us a lot longer to recover. Now you take as much time as you need to recover as Fran i am sure wants you to get better.xxxx

  • Well Matt can't say a lot more to the good advise given. Think we are guilty of over doing thing it's so hard to get it write .Your lovely wife is write again you take good care of yourself for Fran xxx

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