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I'm Mike. Diagnosed with early rheumatoid arthritis last week after an amazingly short three months after the initial onset of major symptoms. Anti CCP test was the one that gave it away.

Over the last few weeks I've read many posts, replies and advice given here and would like to say thanks as it has made me more aware of what to expect in the future. My consultant has deferred starting Methotrexate until after my holidays so it's time for one big blowout before settling down to a reduced pop intake. Yes, I was among the many looking for the MTX/alcohol advice.

I hope that in future I can help where possible.



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  • Enjoy, Mike, but mind how you go! It's great you've found help and support here. Also, I really like your profile pic!

  • Hello, Glad you like the profile pic is my Wii Mii. Thanks for the advice and I'll be careful. More likely to be social tippling with the odd one in the day whilst sat on the beach.

  • Hi Mike and welcome to the site.

  • Hello and thank you.

  • Hiya Mike & welcome from me though I did raise an eyebrow when I saw your username but read your profile & all is clear now!! ;)

    I hate to be a party pooper on your newby post but that's me, a sensible no alcohol girl - but I am a chocaholic so thanks goodness that doesn't cause problems lol. Please be sure you've given your liver a long enough break if you over imbibe on your hols before you see your Rheumy to start on MTX otherwise he may defer you starting it if your blood LFT comes back high. He needs to be sure your liver is in good nick before he'll start you on it.

    Enjoy your holiday & look forward to seeing you on here soon with an update on how you're doing.

  • Do like chocolate as well as the odd drink. Try not to eat too much though. Did the Dryatlon earlier this year and added chocolate and sweets on. Lost 12lbs in weight and have managed to keep it off since. Noted about the blood test and cheers for the advice.

  • Thought I'd add about the user name in my profile just so no one thought it was a spoof account.

  • Hi Mike. Glad to hear your route too diagnosis was a fast one and that you're finding this site so useful!

    I rarely drink, as I rarely go out socially, but it's my one (infrequent) 'vice'. I like getting tiddly and the occasional cider on a warm evening after work, and really will miss it if I end up on MTX!

    Enjoy your holiday and good luck starting treatment.

  • Hello and thanks. I will certainly be cutting down. Don't really drink much in the week and even at the weekends it's more to get a bit tiddly rather than absolutely hammered. Sure less will just become part of normal life quickly.

  • Hi Mike

    Welcome to the site. It has been a such a good source of information and the support has got me through the first months since I was diagnosed Have a fantastic holiday and good luck with your treatment when you get back.

  • Hello and thanks.

  • Hi Mike, I find this site very useful and friendly too. Its good to hear so many others out there who are in the same boat, male or female!

    You may find that once you have been on mtx a while, and having regular blood tests that you can tolerate a drink or two, but everyone is different and every consultant say different things. As long you as you are being closely monitored, i think the odd drink here and there is usually viewed as ok. I think its more binge drinking thats a no no. Oh, and enjoy your holiday! TT x

  • Hello. Consultants advice was to stay well within the recommended guidelines and not to save it all up for one night. Sounds sensible to me. Looking forward to the holiday.

  • Saw my GP today and they have asked for a liver function test to be done tomorrow. Should get the MTX started about five days after I get back.

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