NRAS awareness week 24th June - 30th June

NRAS awareness week 24th June - 30th June

Hi everyone I'm not sure if you all know or not but NRAS have managed to have an official week for rheumatoid arthritis awareness :)

This is the first year ever we will have our own awarness week :)

So as I've been really unwell lately and not really up to arranging much physically so I decided my way off raising awarness would be first off all to print some off the NRAS posters off and get them put up in my doctors. Community centre etc :)

If you want to print any posters the links here :

I also went on eBay purchased the NRAS tshirt and I had previously purchased the wristband, shopping bag and have a badge from the membership pack :)

Ebay links here:

I also wanted a personal way to raise awarness (my style) so I got myself some NRAS nail transfers made (see the photo) and these will be added to my nails on the week so when people ask I can explain (those that want to listen)

Hopefully when I'm feeling better I can do something to raise some funds for NRAS, were already planning something in our NRAS monthly group :)

Just thought I would share because with it being our first chance off raising awarness off RA I'm sure you'll all be interested in doing something to raise awarness in your own little way :)

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  • I received badge and posters in my welcome pack, and as my doctor and rheumy dept already have them up, I have stuck the posters in my front window......

  • Great stuff :)

    I think it's really important we all do a little something :)

  • Thanks RA-Fibro for doing so much to help raise awareness! If anyone hasn't seen the information on the NRAS website please visit

    Kind regards,



  • Thanks Ruth my effort is nothing compared to some, but if we all do a little it will make a awareness huge I'm sure :)

  • Well done Ra fibro.. dont forget to show us your nail piccie, in doing the NRAS cake sale again probably in july?? but may be june x

  • Thanks alison,

    I will share the pic off my finished nails nearer the time :)

    Yes you did a cake sale last year didn't you, :) x wish I was closer for a slice :)

  • Hi Julie and well done for doing this when you are struggling just now. I know this is Scotland and beyond but I'm a bit annoyed because I put a poster to my GP surgery a month ago and there's no sign of it up on the wall or boards - which are plastered in bowel cancer stuff and even a thing about Lyme disease. I did also print some off and hand them out at the hospital when I was there recently - will keep trying but because NRAS doesn't have a presence up here or even in Scotland yet I think it's a bit of an uphill struggle. Now I'm an NRAS Scottish ambassador I am hoping something with the local media but the week of the RA Awareness is also our annual International Arts Festival here so maybe not the best time for me to try and promote awareness as I'm also performing in two concerts that week. I think just explaining RA to as many people as are remotely interested is probably the best way we can increase awareness as individuals. Tilda x

  • Hi Tilda,

    And we'll done you for becoming one off the Scottish ambassadors :)

    We were told all about you at the Manchester training day and shown photos off the group, I think it's amazing what your all doing.

    You being an ambassador is an amazing way off helping raise awarness and much much more :)

    I know it's annoying when other illnesses get loads off publicity and RA and other diseases that need more publicity dont get the help from the medical teams who should be helping us promote.

    Good luck with your concerts :)

  • Thank-you Julie. I would have asked the reception why they havent out the poster up but they can be quite testy and it didnt feel quite right to hassle. I will maybe brave it to print off another next blood test and just give it to the woman GP who is fearless! xxxxx

  • Well good luck with that :)

    We have receptionist like that too :)

  • I don;t know why they come like this as a breed? There's a lovely one mind you - wish she was full time! XX

  • We have just one lovely one too

  • Maybe we will just have to prowl about outside with posters in hand until we see the lovely ones?! x

  • Lol sounds like a plan :) night Tilda sweet dreams

  • I after negotiations!! Almost bribery and corruption , With my chemist have got a poster up , yeah, no such luck with our useless docs though!! Can u come here and prowl girls ?

  • :)

    Yeah glad you got one up in your chemist, if we all get one poster up in any place from the doctors to the bank then it would raise amazing awarness :)

    Ill send Tilda to prowl lol

  • Only if you pay for my flights Julie and Allanah! Xx

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