Bedside table of mystery

It occurred to me as I was strapping a previously frozen flannel to my ankle with a small pedal bin bag, that my bedside table/drawer has become increasingly bizarre since my diagnosis. I remember way back in the dawn of time, when it was mostly sex-related stuff in there. We will draw a veil over that. 😋 Then later baby paraphernalia took over.

Now it's a cross between a chemist's shop and a Magpies nest. Anything I spot around the house that I think might come in handy for dealing with RA gets bunged in the drawer.

So, it's just me,then, right? 😏

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  • My bedside draw contains half the NHS drugs budget.

  • Hello attatel . Nope. You're not alone. By my bedside are painkillers, sleeping pills, deep heat rub, heating pads, menthol rub, relaxing books and a water bottle and I'm in my early 40s. If I reach 50 God only knows what else will be there. 😊

    Cas xx 🎶

  • My bedside cabinet isn't big enough for even half my NHS stuff!! I keep most of it in a large basket in a cupboard in the living room, some in a 1 month pill sorter and the rest I put in a vanity case which I carry around the house with me. The only things near my bed are my nebulizer and my Fentanyl patches.

  • Yes like Jacqui, half the NHS budget, in medication,dressings for my foot, sticky plasters, , vapour rubs, scissors, tablet cutters and Voltarol.Repeat prescriptions. That's without the other stockpile of daily meds. I keep downstairs.

    How life changes.

  • LOL! I was just trying to sort out my bedside table drawer the other day, and it also contains a rather odd assortment of things, which shall remain nameless at the moment (for fear of major embarrassment)

  • Ha, forget the medical paraphernalia, I'm far more interested in the embarrassing stuff...😳😎

  • Lol. ade-Bell. I was just thinking the same thing 😂

  • yes I think we all have bed side draw, mine has medicine, chargers, pill splitter and I also have 2 other baskets with tablets in as there is not enough room to fit it all in. I keep tiding them up and they always seem to fill back up again! also always have a couple bottles of water as always wake up very thirsty.

  • this post made me laugh. My bedside table is like a pharmacy too.

  • Made me laugh too. Two wheatbags and a coolpak, tablets, water, tissues and phone in case I seize up altogether.

    If burglars ever went in my bedside cabinet, they'd be very disappointed, hehe.

  • And in my car I have an old sardine can key (anyone old enough to remember those?!) which I use to turn on the ignition, a curved plastic potato masher which I can hook into the door handle to close it if I've inadvertently opened it too far to reach - or hook round my seat belt to pull it forward on days I can't twist round, a small magnet on a piece of string to dangle down the side of the seat if I drop my keys, a grabber for miscellaneous grabbing - but mainly for my passengers to play with, a rubber topped pencil to prod the radio controls . . . tissues, emergency polos, a small teddy bear (don't know where he came from, but he's cute and good company) etc etc . . . . Beat that for an odd collection! Causes constant amusement for my friends. People that don't know me just look with a strange expression. . .

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