Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

I've been a bit quiet recently as battling with a series of sad and miserable events, and of course the RA never likes being ignored so has been making itself felt in as many ways as it can. The Dirty Dancing line "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" could have been written for my RA I think.

Anyway I thought I'd tell you all about the funny side of my life at the moment, to take my mind off the fact that I'm freezing cold and typing wrapped in a blanket with a sock on my hand (can't fit a glove over the wrist splints, so sacrificed a sock!). The first absurd thing is that the roof is being replaced at the moment. Yes, in January (it was supposed to start in September, but a long story why not). So the roof above me is mainly a plastic sheet. And of course, this is the moment when the central heating breaks down. And, to add to it all, last night it started to snow. But not to worry, I have a wood burning stove. Or so I thought. So there I am early this morning, huddled next to the fire, when there's a tap on the window. And it's Germinal (my roofers are called Germinal, Florian and Hervé) asking if I could put the fire out as the wind has changed direction so the smoke is getting in their eyes..... and could I possibly pop up onto the roof to show them where to put the veluxes as their plan has blown away in the wind! I had to laugh at the very thought of getting up a ladder, when it's hard enough for me to get down stairs at the moment. None of the home renovation books mention planning the works around RA flares...... Hope you're all warm, as I'm not! Polly

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  • Oh my godness Polly, sorry but I had to smile; thought it was only me that silly things like this happened to. You poor thing, I think I'd go and sit in the car with the heater on and a good book at least you would be warm and dry. Hope the builders don't too long to get finished. Picture looks wonderful- I love the silence one gets when there is snow on the ground. Keep smiling and I hope 'baby' starts to calm down soon (love the discription of RA)

    Mel :)

  • If I had a car I would! OH has car in London, and I'm 500miles away halfway up a mountain....

  • HIlarous Polly! Love the names of your builders.

  • We had our roof done in a february and it was a nightmare i can tell you. I have some idea what your going through. Its no joke though is it. Like the sock idea ,what sort of sock are you using a silly one or a mans one. Thats the question.

    I would tell the men doing your roof to go and take a jump if they expect you to go up the ladder to the roof (thats the drifters i believe) They will have to back and get another copy instead of expecting to supply the info they need. I bet they getting a good wage for doing the roof.

    Get a hot water bottle that will help.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • I sacrificed one of my husband's best winter socks...seemed only fair!

  • I don't know which is worse..climbing up to the roof or having to resort to a crispy man sock for warmth! Hoping it's in a fresher state of repair than my husbands socks. Poor you, I hope it's all finished soon x

  • Oh dear Polly I don't think the silence of snow is what you need just now - the sound of roofers with funny names getting on with the job in hand without letting their plans blow away would be more like it.

    At least when they go at the end of the day you can get that fire lit and snuggle up and continue to make us all smile and feel lucky for our sunshine and the warmth of central heating. Mind you I'm freezing even with sun and heating so you can also bask in the spirit of the truly courageous. TTxxx

  • I just got my garage roof done last week and he was called Marmaduke! I asked if it was a nickname but got a red face when he said it was not!! Roofers must have unusual names.

    What a lovely picture, we haven't had snow here yet but last year got snowed in for 4 days!!

    Keep warm Axx

  • Oh good lord, Polly! Makes you wonder, what next, doesn't it? I hate to be cold, it really makes me angry and I'll do everything I can to be warmer! So, I can only imagine your days right now. Just please be very careful with the fire place! Maybe, by the time you get this, it will be done.

    As a note of interest, prediction for today is temp of 57 degrees F. Very warm for Jan. 31!! I'll send some warm air your way. I know, I hear it, "I'm sending hot air all the time" :) So I like using alot of words :) Love, Loret xxxx

  • They have taken down the whole chimney to be able to replace the roof beams, so no chance of a fire at all for a few days. But heating has been fixed so all they need to do now is put some windows in the roof rather than the 3 big holes I have now & it'll be fine. And they were doing well, but little Florian dropped the key to the crane in a heap of snow so we've been sitting outside sifting snow! Currently -3, and predicted to go down to -13 (centigrade) by end of week.... luckily my joints prefer ice packs to heat pads!

  • Oooh Helix not the best weather to have that roof done!. I hope your joints are ok mine dont like snow xxx

  • Oh poor you but you did give a giggle the mental image made me titter for quite a while

    Keep as warm as you can

    love and hugs xx

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