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Found this site a few weeks ago Hello all :)

I was diagnosed in August and am totally amazed how RA is dismissed by people. I do find this difficult and am finding I have very low days when I feel very lonely. I want to be on top of it but unable to do. I am taking 20mg of MTX, Hydrocloroquine, Prendislone to get the RA under control. Are most people affected by mood swings and does anyone get a racing heart on the medication.

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Hi I was diagnosed in February this year and can identify with the way you are feeling.

I think lots of people dont understand the illness and think its just having a bit of pain in your joints. I have had some really bad days and feel very depressed but seem to just pick my self up again and get on with life as best as i can. This site has been amazing for getting info from others in the same position. You will always have support on this site.

Hope you feel better soon. Trish x


Hi Honeybee, welcome to our site. Ive only been diagnosed since jan this year. The mood swings are down to the Ra but also can be down to the meds we all have to take. Once they can get your meds sorted out hopefully things will settle down. You take care, x Rie

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Hi there :-)

I find I go through low periods, but it tends to last a few days then I will ok for a while.

I think it's part of trying to cope with the RA, the pain and all the medications we are on.

I find this forum very helpful, to know there are people going through a similar experience.

Hope you are soon feeling better.



Hello there honeybee . Yep they don't understand but we do :) Hope you get some relief from your meds soon. I have had the disease 3 yrs and I am feeling lot more optimistic rarely have any down days now. But when you do it is good to vent and let go of it :) xx


Hi Honeybee

I have been diagnosed for three and a half years now, and things have settled down a lot. Yes, I still have days when I feel suddenly very low and tired, but I am able to recognise it for what it is and know that it will pass. That said, depression is very common with auto-immune diseases, and if it persists your doctor can prescribe you something to help.

You're in the right place to find people who won't dismiss RA. I found it helped to label it rheumatoid disease, because then people didn't think it was just a few aches and pains, and that their granny has that in her little finger and eats sardines and is fine. If only! Not that OA ought to be dismissed either.

Good luck - things will get better.

Dotty x


Hi will you see your doc about your fast heart beat ASAP! I got it due to RA and eventually if caused me chest pain and a hospital admission. Got sorted by one tablet per day.

It might not be the same thing and I don't want to worry you even more but do get a quick check up if it's still racing xxxx


Ok allanah, thank you I will get it checked out now I know it

may be related :)


Thanks everyone, so pleased I joined the your club. Today is going to be a better ;)x


Good for you! Xx have a lovely day :)


Hiya. I have been diagnosed since March and on medication since may. I found that it was the steroids that made my heart race. As soon as I stopped them it was fine. Best to get it checked though x Sally x


Thank you Sally, will get it checked out now i know it could be related :) Jan x


I find it best to tell people I have an auto-immune disease.

This helps to stop them telling me that their granny/next-door neighbour/best friend was cured by taking cider vinegar/chondroitin/green mussel extract etc.

People have no idea that RA is such a serious condition.

Mind you - they don't take the pain of severe OA seriously either and think it's just a twinge in the joints.


Hi there and welcome to the site. I can't imagine there is anyone on here who hasn't been through low times. I have had RA for a number of years and have been struggling of late. Always find there are plenty of people on this site willing to pick me up when I get down. As mentioned before, get the heart flutters checked out, really important.

speak soon xx


Hello and welcome to the site,

I've had RA for a long time now but do remember the difficult period of grieving and adjustment that characterised the first few years. But you will adjust and come to terms with it and there is a real community on this site who are always ready to offer a smile, a cyber hug and plenty of support:-}

Cece x


hello Honeybee, welcome to this site, I have had RA for a few years now and don't worry we all feel low at times, it took me a while to get used to this disease but everyone is very helpful on here, let us know if you are feeling low and want a chat, we are all here to help,

I'm sure you will feel better once you get your meds sorted.

Wendy xx


Hi Honeybee,

Welcome to this brilliant community. I only joined the other day, but if it had been around 26 years ago when I wad diagnosed, you would never have got me away from it. I'm pretty lucky at the moment as I've had breast cancer and chemotherapy. Those drugs seemed to do wonders for my RA, so I've been making the most of it. Although it is beginning to creep back now. I hope things begin to settle down for you soon, and sorry to repeat what everyone has said. Please get your heart checked out. Sending (((hugs))) to help you through. xxx


Sounds like you have had a big journey yourself, so big hugs to you too x


Did u manage to talk to anyone today bout the heart best ? Axx


I would talk to your doctor about the heart rate. Yes down days come with not feeling good.Its hard to have to cancel activities because you feel bad,sometimes it's isolating.that's what is great about this site we can understand each other


Hello there, welcome to the site :) I agree with others about getting the heartbeat checked out, I was having palpitations so was asked to wear a Holter heart monitor for 24 hrs and now waiting to see a cardiologist. Hope you're able to get it checked out soon.


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