I have Autoimmune Hepatitis just been Diagnosed 5.6.13

5.6.13:- Now on 40g of Pednisolone 8 a day for 28 days. Then reduce to 7 etc. She also, gave me 1500mgs of Calcium to take twice a day. What if any side effects? Bloods taken today which go to Birmingham, then before my next appt on 19.6.13, 2 days before appt get more blood work to be done. She is going to get a 2nd opinion from Specialist!!!

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  • steroids always take in morning after breakfast.. you are on high doses.. hence the calcium, as it depletes calcium. it will in crease your hunger in afraid and there is a chance of weight gain and mood enhancement, some people may have some difficulties in sleeping.. there should be a side effect leaflet with your tablets.. steroids are designed to help body in a time of crisis and can be beneficial but do have potential to cause side effects .

  • Thank you so much for 1 quick response to my new problems of this disease AIH. Over the past 3-4 months I have lost so much weight, but my BMI still said I am over weight!! In what way Mood enhancement???. Will read both leaflets today when I start these meds!! So tried to get to sleep tonight, mind on over load!!! Thank you once again & I bid you goodnight hope to hear from you soon and others!!! <3 xoox

  • Ok will do it that way 2mro. I was sick 10mins before my appt with GP, so side effects have started early but as I did not have anything to eat I was sick we said to each other!!! <3 xoox

  • a bit hyperactive.. but steroids will help with pain, inflammation

  • Thank you Summer!! Will I be able to travel to USA with this condition? as I have started my treatment surely they will cover me for leaving UK in Nov this year? <3 xoox

  • That I DONT know check with an insurance company.. it must be declared though

  • Will check it out soon <3 xoox

  • I can say after my bad start to the day:- It has ended up to be very successfully in my ability to eat a good diet & a healthy one 2. I have never been able to eat so much in one day in months :-) So happy, but I think the Ad-cal is leaving a nasty taste in my month!! Just 2 a day!! Did you have this Meds? Summer?

  • I Some times take calceos.. lemon flavour.. adcal is meant to be tutti frutti flavour??.calceos is not unpleasant

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