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Have I rhematoid nodule?

I have a hard lump which feels boney , though it is not on the bone on my right wrist I have only been aware of it for abour 3- 4 days?

After an almost 2hr wait I saw a Senior Hose Officer today. ?

It was scheduled appoint so I showed her, she wasnt sure and called im my consultant(whose name was on my paper work) she had a looked and wondered if it was associated with a tendon.. hadnt much of an idea..!!

said rheumatoid nodules are normally nearer the elbow??!! she said keep any eye on it then mentioned maybe ultrasounding it to see? but didnt arrange anything??

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oh bum should say keep an eye on it and senior house officer.. had a v tiring day trying to fit out patient appoint around work!! they sent me back to work because the clinic was so late! im tired and off to bed!! had to stay later at work it was a bad day!


hi Alison, didn't you see your consultant yet? can the senior house doctor do much for you? take your DAS score? change your meds?

Hope you feeling better today or managed a good sleep at least x

Tilda, awwww luv the dog :)


Maybe you should take it to your GP instead Alison? Sounds important enough to get checked out urgently just in case something more sinister. I've been researching rheumatoid nodules because aware that the hard bony lump on the top joint of my middle finger is getting larger all the time - now like half a pea on to one side of joint - but info about this varies from site to site. Some say aggressive RA (which it obviously isn't with me) where most seem to point at OA nodules for this location. Generally more common on elbow with RA but can come anywhere,even internally, so it could well be a rheumatoid nodule on your wrist - everyone different as people keep telling me! Good luck and hope you have a much better day. Tilda x


Hi Alison, I have nodules but mine are mainly on my fingers. They can appear on the elbows too along with the organs! such as the lungs.

People generally get them when their RA as been aggressive. If the lump is around the wrist area could it be a gangling cyst? I would get GP to check it out either way.

Good luck

mand xx


Hi Ali, I get nodules down the side of my right hand particularly during a flare. Showed them to my Rheumy consultant who said they were nodules and they would come and go! My father had nodules on his finger joints but they were caused by osteo not rheumy. My grandfather was the same. Again osteo. My little finger joint has got bigger and had to have my signet ring made larger. Also the forefinger joints are bigger particularly the knuckle on my right hand which is very painful. I also get nodules on my elbows during a flare as well.

Saw Mand's response re the wrist. I had a ganglion years ago following a broken wrist as a child. They tried to smash it away using Grey's Anatomy - that didn't work so had an operation to remove. It is apparently like a bag of seeds! Very peculiar. Suggest you let GP look at it .LavendarLady x


Sorry to be an opportunist here on Alison's post but if I have a largeish, pea -sized lump on the top joint of my middle finger that it is OA rather than RA? I have them on my fingers but the middle one is noticeable to the naked eye now and it is unslightly pink and I dislike it. It sounds very like the ones your father and grandfather had LL and various friends have them too but not as prominent and mine has only just arrived in the past six months at same time as all this joint pain. GP asked if my parents had them as sometimes hereditary but I don't think so but neither alive to ask now.


I had a huge nodule on my elbow in the initial stages of RA really scary looking like huge pea, weird - then it just went away, not a mark! At various times I have had them on fingers hands, but they have all disappeared now. hopefully forever ! My Auntie has them really bad on her fingers can be very sore, and she bandages to stop banging them off things.



hope mine goes away!! it is the sisize of a petit pois!! and I dont like it!! I would like it removed, bit is near a tendon and a vein!. I am going to get one of my decent gps to look at it might get more of answer. unfortunately even though my consultant is a pleasant lady she is not hugely proactive about doing things


hhm is see my title should say rheumatoid nodule its those athritic hands lol and no spell check in this site ooh well it was late and i was TIred when wrote the question this hasnt been the best of weeks for me xx!


Poor Summer, you have been through the mill this week. Hope things are improving and you are feeling better today. Love LavendarLady x


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